AT MY DESK with Diane Demetre


AT MY DESK with Diane Demetre

They say humans spend one third of their lives sleeping or attempting to do so.

I spend one third of my life at my desk writing or attempting to do so. As such, my office is one of the most important places in my home for me. It’s my personal space for inspiration, creativity and a lot of hard work. It’s also the favourite respite centre for my three dogs. With the golden child on the desk, the special needs child under the desk and the rabble-rouser sprawled in the passageway, my office is a veritable obstacle course to negotiate. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Their presence fills my office with unconditional love…exactly what a writer needs.

As one of those highly-organised types, I keep clutter to a minimum, surrounding myself with special memorabilia, reference books, my diary plus the story folder and notebooks of my current WIP. Working with the principles Feng Shui, I arrange my office with favourable furniture placement and symbols so no stale energy can find dead space in which to gather. Accompanied by the sound of the waterfall babbling into my Buddha’s garden pond, the energy in my office is elevated, ready for inspiration.

Being a dancer, music has always been an integral part of my life and fills my office whenever I write. I either work with a standard selection of Hemi-Sync creative playlists or I choose music most appropriate for my story. For example, my current WIP, a contemporary women’s fiction, is set on a privately owned island off the coast of Maui in Hawaii. The twanging guitars and sounds of water rushing onto the beach from the Hawaiian meditation music puts me smack-bang in the story. These special collections of music signal my brain it’s time to write and effortlessly transports me into my story’s location.

When writing or working on any creative project, I also tune into my intuition on a conscious basis. Having meditated for over thirty years and taught meditation classes throughout this time, I am committed to connecting within as much as possible. In my erotic romance series, The Dance of Love, I not only drew on my three decades of experience as a dancer, choreographer and entertainer; I incorporated aspects of this inner, intuitive connection, which guides the heroine on her journey in each of these stories.

In Dancing Queen, it manifested as the Goddess within, encouraging Michele to listen and look for the messages as to which man she should choose. And her inner Sex Goddess certainly led Michele on a range of naughty, erotic adventures until finding her HEA man.

In Tiny Dancer, Madame Lucette is a tarot card reader who encourages the heroine, Samantha, a young dancer at the Moulin Rouge, to listen to the messages of the cards. In fact, every card that Samantha pulls in the story is the card I pulled at my desk when writing this book. Allowing Tiny Dancer to grow organically through this intuitive process was second nature to me and I loved the subtle shifts it made to the story.

So much so, I repeated this process in Dance to a Gypsy Beat. Conflicted by her growing affection for a young, dare-devil Australian lawyer, my fiery flamenco dancer, Carla turns to the runes for guidance. Whenever she needs help in matters of the heart, she throws the runes. Again, each of the runes thrown in Dance to a Gypsy Beat was the same as I threw in my office when writing the story. And I was as much surprised by them as Carla…

So, whenever I sit at my desk for another third of my day, the ever hopeful hand of fate, of the divine feminine guides me in my writing process. Like love and dancing, writing is best explored within before it can be successfully shared. Hopefully, my readers agree.


Diane has very kindly offered AusRom Today readers the chance to win one of five signed paperback copies of Dancing Queen! All you need to do to enter is leave your contact details for us below, it’s that easy!




Dancing Queen (Dance of Love, Book One)
Diane Demetre

One woman … Two men … A dance of love that lasts a lifetime

When Michele Johnston, a sexy forty-two-year-old ex-dancer from the Moulin Rouge gets divorced, she leaps into her new world of singledom with unbridled passion. Having been in monogamous relationships all her life, she decides to cast off her inhibitions and release her repressed sexuality through casual sex.

Aided and abetted by three vivacious girlfriends, Michele embarks on her new erotic adventures but gets more than she expects, when mysterious yacht captain Mark Miller unleashes her wanton desires.

Further complicating matters, debonair Greek businessman Nick Stavros arrives on the scene and falls madly in love with her, promising the happy-ever-after ending. Although not her type, Michele finds his charm and persistence strangely bewitching.

But will she give up her newfound freedom? Will she choose one man over the other? And who’s the special someone she’s been unconsciously searching for all her life?

Reader Advisory:  This book contains a sexually empowered heroine and willing men to fulfil her desires. Casual sex scenes with recreational drug use.

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  1. thanks. that was such a lovely and inspiring interview for a fellow romance author to read

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