Build Us Your Ideal Story with M.L Tompsett



Build Us Your Ideal Story with M.L Tompsett


Hey guys,

With a $10 budget, I have to take a step back and rethink my choices – tempting and far too many to choose from.

With my latest book, recently released on the digital shelves, (Sex, Lies And Family Secrets: Dark Surprises – a fantasy paranormal steamy romance.)  Part Two of a three book series.

I would first go with the $5 – Once in a lifetime love. –  As my two main characters, Alexia and Drake, an everlasting love they have for one another, where they would die to protect and save the other. Their love had started as young children and developed throughout the years. Their lives and love are a lifetime commitment – as they are Soul Mates. A bond forever forged with love, sex and blood.

Next is $3 – Conflict that forces personal growth.  – For those of you who have read the book, you will know how much Alexia has had to grow up, since the first book. (Sex, Lies And Family Secrets: The Guy Next Door available for FREE as an eBook – iTunes, B&N,  Amazon AUSUSA, Smashwords) Grow into adulthood and act like an adult in a non-human world, all before she turns 18. To learn her heritage and what it means to be a Royal Princess. Then there is her relationship with her now husband and learning the ropes of being a parent to twins and everything which involves parenting. The conflict Alexia learns to process and learn to move forward. All this on top of completing her final term of high school, and trying to survive the events of the first dynamic and explosive week of school.

And finally $2 – A take charge hero – Which is Alexia in a nutshell. Organising a rescue mission – multiple times to save her husband from the bad guys and pushing the boundaries to be taken seriously, before she becomes Queen. Alexia’s abilities in hand to hand combat and talent with a gun and sword are second to none, which has saved her life time after time, taking down the enemy and coming out on top as a kick arse female to be reckoned with.

This book series originated from listening to a song many years ago called STAY, by Shakespears Sister. Originally released all the way back in 1991 and released in 2010, which is the year my story and characters developed with each part of the song. After listening to the song far too many times, I was able to visualise Darshia and the characters and as they, say ‘the rest is history.’

My WIP is a new series, this time I am heading into shifter territory. With large black cats and a wolf or two, oh my, and once again there will be window steaming scenes to enjoy, again. Two books, which can both be read as stand alone. You can find my books at eBook outlets.



Sex, Lies And Family Secrets: Dark Surprises
M.L Tompsett

Meet Lucy and see how her life dangerously entwines with Alexia and Drake in the next instalment of Sex, Lies and Family Secrets: Dark Surprises

What happens when your sexy young husband is mistaken for someone else and kidnapped by violent, evil, men? You take charge and organise a rescue of course.

Alexia is back, and finds herself drawn into the paranormal world she thought she had left behind. Finding out Witches are real, and her best friend Lucy comes from a family of Witches. Where Alexia finds herself learning and using Lucy’s magical charmed necklace and spells to rescue Drake from a Dark One traitor.

And, then there is the mysterious woman in the shadows, who is she and why does she seem so familiar?

This eBook contains – course language, sexual themes (yes steamy sex scenes), blood, vampires, young love, violence, nudity, handsome – muscled men, babies.  A kick arse independent female – who knows how to shoot and wield a sword, and will do anything to protect the ones she loves. Some readers will notice in this book, I write in UK English/Australian. If you are offended by any of these themes, this book is not for you. Suitable for readers of 17 years and older.

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