10 Things You Didn’t Know About… Sasha Cottman

10 Things You Didn’t Know About… Sasha Cottman


  1. If you could interview anyone, past or present, who would it be and what would be your lead question?
    I would love to interview Napoleon. I undertook a great deal of research on his life when I was writing The Duke’s Daughter and found him a fascinating man. My lead question would of course be to ask why he thought invading Russia in the middle of winter was a good idea. My second question would be to ask at what point did he decide it was a huge mistake.
  1. Your most played song/band?
    I have a hard core French pop addiction. Christine and the Queens from France, along with Lydia and Sebastien who are a Canadian French pop duo are my go to music for walking. Both of their albums are on high rotation. For writing I have 9 hours of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit soundtracks on iTunes.
  1. Favourite genre of romance?
    That’s an easy one. I started out as an historical romance reader and that is why I became a writer of historical romance. The sad part now is that I don’t read much of the genre because I am worried that I will absorb other people’s storylines and then write them myself. These days I read a lot of contemporary romance. I am jealous of characters that have mobile phones and cars!
  1. Favourite food?
    Cheese, especially French cheese and some of the great artisan cheeses from Australia. I could live on wine and cheese until my body told me otherwise.
  1. Favourite drink?
    At the moment chai latte during the week and pinot gris on the weekend.
  1. If you could have any superpower what would you choose?
    If I couldn’t have immortality, then time travel will do nicely thanks very much. I don’t want to change history, but I would love to be able to observe it. To be able to travel to Regency period London would be fantastic research for my books!
  2. If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?
    I write so that I don’t have to clean my house. Being an author is the best excuse ever for not having a tidy home.
  3. Favourite quote?
    “Real writers write, others just talk about it.” I think this may be Stephen King, but it is the most powerful piece of advice a writer can have given to them. The more you talk about writing, the less you actually write. You have to sit at the keyboard and get on with writing the story, nothing else matters.
  1. Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know..
    I once had to bribe an official to leave a foreign country as he was trying to falsely arrest a friend of mine. We were obviously soft targets for corrupt officials. The whole time I was haggling with the official in the back streets of a dangerous city, I had visions of my friend ending up in a dark and horrible prison. In the end I had to hand over cash in order to get our passports back. Very scary.
  1. Most famous person you’ve ever met? Tell us about the meeting!
    I have wracked my brains on this question, and don’t recall having ever met anyone famous. I must get more often and start stalking some celebrities.



My Gentleman Spy
Sasha Cottman

Former spy William Saunders’ world is turned upside down the day he rescues missionary worker Hattie Wright from the deep blue waters off the coast of Gibraltar.

When circumstances compel them to share a cramped cabin on the boat trip back to London, desire and passion ignite between them.

Hattie sees the time with Will as a brief respite before she goes back to her mission among the poor and vulnerable in the slums of London. Will however feels honor bound to offer her marriage and return her to the world of privilege she once knew.

Despite her heart’s desire to possess his love, Hattie is determined to continue her important work. She rejects his proposal.

But Hattie has made powerful enemies in the criminal gangs of the rookeries and there are those who would gladly see her dead.

When Hattie goes missing, Will is finally forced to face the truth of his past to save the woman he loves.

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