Ten Books That Changed Me with Karly Lane

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Ten Books That Changed Me with Karly Lane


Outlander – Diana Gabaldon
This was the first book that I truly fell in love with a character. Jamie Fraser inspired me to write my first novel. I think most of my male characters have a little bit of Jamie in them to this day.

The Thorn Birds – Colleen McCullough
I always felt I was destined to marry a shearer and own a huge sheep station after reading this. Still a bit peeved that didn’t eventuate.

Jillaroo – Rachael Treasure
Finding Rachael’s books was like stumbling upon a jackpot. There hadn’t been any really good Australian drama and rural fiction around since the 80’s before Rachael’s books came along.

The Shifting Fog – Kate Morton
Loved the Australian voice in this. And again, discovering so many more Australian books, reignited my passion to read after many years of not really picking up a book.

Flowers in the Attic – V. C. Andrews
I have no idea why my parents let me read this. I can’t even remember how old I was at the time, maybe 13 or 14? I’m pretty sure it was only because they weren’t big book readers themselves and had no idea what it was about. I went through most of the series well into my adult years.

Message from Nam – Danielle Steel
I’d always had a soft spot for a military book and this was a great one. I read lots, if not all of Danielle Steel’s books and loved most of them, but this one always stood out for me.

Now and Forever – Danielle Steel
Thinking about Danielle’s books got me thinking about some of her other’s I loved and this one was one of them. Maybe because I think it was probably the very first one I picked up of her’s. Along with Palomino and Star.

Cry of the Curlew – Peter Watt
I fell in love with this man’s books. The historical background that starts from colonial Australian times and the parts of our history that are never really spoken about made this book one that forever sticks out in my mind.

Ice Station – Matthew Reilly
I was given this book to read because I was currently writing a book with US Marines as my main characters. I loved that I could relate so much to this book. I loved that Matthew’s writing was like watching an action movie unfold before your eyes. And I love that he was an Aussie, writing about the US military!

The Showgirl And The Brumby – Lucy Lehmann
This was so country it hurt. Loved everything about this rural Australian novel and it’s insightful look at the agriculture shows all across Australia.



Someone Like You
Karly Lane

From the best-selling author of Third Time Lucky comes an intriguing, funny and romantic story about past lives and new beginnings.

When bestselling author, twenty-nine year old Hayley Stevens, walked in on her husband, Paul, and her best friend in bed together, she knew her life would never be the same again.

One year later, Hayley stowed her last bag in her much-loved Audi Coupe and said goodbye to the city. She was excited to be heading west to Lochway, a small colonial village sitting on the beautiful Macdonald River. Wanting peace and quiet, Hayley had impulsively bought a cosy sandstone cottage there surrounded by lush rose gardens, with a small overseer’s cottage – ideal for a writer’s retreat.

What she didn’t expect was the almost immediate ‘gift’ of a very noisy donkey named Errol. Nor did Hayley expect to meet her handsome new neighbour, Luke Mason, when she was covered in mud trying to drag Errol out of Luke’s dam. The strange thing was though that Luke seemed very familiar to her.

As Hayley slowly gains acceptance into her small community and starts writing again she becomes almost afraid of the inexplicable visions she sees. What does it all mean? And why does Luke refuse to listen to her?

Thanks to Allen & Unwin Australia, we’ve got three paperback copies of Someone Like You to giveaway! Simply enter your details below:



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