Build Us Your Ideal Story with Leanne Lovegrove


Build Us Your Ideal Story with Leanne Lovegrove

The menu is full of delicious choices, but hands down, no doubt about it.

I’d spend my first $5 on a Happily Ever After because we all love those, right? It is why I write romance because despite what horrible obstacles I might force my characters to endure, I still need to know that they will end up happy. In my novel, Unexpected Delivery, it appears as if it’s not possible for Daniel and Vivienne to be together. Vivienne is forced into the awful situation of performing a foreclosure on Daniel’s dairy farm. He’s hit tough times since his wife died and he chose to adopt radial, robotic milking. Whilst Vivienne thought she’d just do her job and scurry back to her comfortable city position, she did not expect to become so emotionally invested in the families she was turfing out onto the street, particularly Daniel.

My second choice from the menu would be a $5 Once-in-a-lifetime love, particularly in circumstances like my two characters are placed in. Vivienne doesn’t desire falling in love – she’s an independent, strong, career woman. Her life is fulfilled, except of course, it isn’t. She only learns this by falling for Daniel who hates her because she’s the one forcing him to face his fears and take action. And, Daniel thinks he’s had his one chance at true love and doesn’t believe he’s worthy of finding such joy again.  It’s true love though, when Vivienne is prepared to sacrifice her love for him – but no spoilers!

I hope that readers will believe that Daniel and Vivienne have a chance at love.

My next book will have a number of these menu options. A young grieving woman is trying to piece her life back together after the tragic death of her husband when she falls in love with the wrong guy and puts her life in danger. There might be some knuckle crunching and nasty threats by a bikie gang who seek revenge against a lawyer who couldn’t get their leader acquitted of serious criminal charges. Oh, the intrigue and my poor heroine is caught up in the middle! It will hopefully be due out around the end of the year.



Unexpected Delivery
Leanne Lovegrove

Life can be unexpected…

Lawyer, Vivienne Greene is pulled from her comfortable office job to a temporary position in the country performing property foreclosures. Vivienne knows she’s in trouble when her first day goes horribly wrong and she’s dragged into delivering a calf by handsome dairy farmer, Daniel Beckett.

Single father, Daniel Beckett has adopted radical, robotic milking and he’s unimpressed by the city girl who tries to take his farm away. At the same time, the attraction to her is immediate.

Will Vivienne let love win and risk her job and succumb to the handsome dairy farmer?

Can Daniel forgive Vivienne for trying to take his livelihood away?




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