Build Us Your Ideal Story with Faye Hall


Build Us Your Ideal Story with Faye Hall

My latest release from the Sins of the Virtuous series, Apathy & Vigor, explores the heartache and passion between Tristen and Amalie, two people whose life is ripped apart by fire and the unrelenting cruelty of one man.

Using my $10 to take you on a journey through this story, I first chose $3 Conflict that forces personal growth using part of a scene when Tristen and Amalie are reunited.

“Then leave!” he shouted at her as he let her go and stepped back. “I will not keep you here as if you were my prisoner. If you can’t bear to be here with me, with the man I’ve been forced to become, then you are free to go.”

“I can’t,” she rasped despairingly.

“Why?” he asked, narrowing his gaze as he studied her. “Who is it that sent you here?”


Despite their conflicts there is a much deserved $5 Once-in-a-life-time love

Her tearful stare lifted to him. “You said you loved me? Not just once, but so many times.”

“I would have given you everything you ever asked for.” He let out a shaky sigh, scared what his next words might cost him. “I still would, Amalie.”


When Amalie’s life again faces danger, there is only $2 a take charge hero left for me to spend.

“God dammit, Amalie, it’s too dangerous for you out here,” he yelled at her, running toward her. Stopping in front of her, he grabbed her elbow. “I’ll take you back to the house.”

She pulled back from him as if he were alight. She couldn’t go through this again. The last time there was a fire, she lost everything. “Get away from me!” she screamed, turning and running back toward the house. She couldn’t stay there.


I could have spend so much more money to explain this passion driven story to you, but I guess you will have to read the rest for yourselves.




Apathy & Vigor (Book 3 of Sins of the Virtuous series)
Faye Hall

Will the love of a woman save him from his own apathy?

Tristen Brone lived a carefree life of wealth and passion – until one day it all came crashing down around him.  In only a few days he lost everyone he loved in the world – the woman he loved, his best friend and his parents.  The once confident, handsome young man, was now scarred for life and on a quick downward spiral of sorrow and depression.  He no longer wanted to live.

When Amalie Fergus arrives on his doorstep, a travel bag in her hand, begging him to take her in, he becomes suspicious.  Despite his passionate past with this woman, and the feelings he still had for her, all he could think of was how quickly she abandoned him after the fire that killed her brother and left Tristen physically scarred.  So why had she come back into his life after all these months?

Amalie Fergus lost her brother in a fire, her lover had abandoned her upon finding her with child, and now her father had been poisoned, leaving their properties to be repossessed.  She had nothing and no one left to turn to.  In desperation, she found herself forced to work for a living, trying to do her best as a maid for any rich gentleman who would take her in.  What she hadn’t expected was for one of those men to try and force carnal favours from her, or for her now to be on the run for his murder.

Running from the scene of the crime, fearful what was to become of her, Amalie finds herself colliding with a man from her past who offers to hide her from the police on one condition – she return to Tristen and steal some property papers from him.

Trapped by the man from her past, and now forced back into Tristen’s life, Amalie searches for who murdered her brother.  She could never have foreseen the cruelty she would discover, or the man she would willingly surrender her heart to.


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