10 Things You Didn’t Know About… Mel A ROWE

 10 Things You Didn’t Know About… Mel A ROWE


If you could interview anyone, past or present, who would it be and what would be your lead question?
It would be the original queen of Romantic Comedy – Doris Day along with the king of comedy, Robin Williams to join us.  My question would be: Could they share the differences and similarities of their separate era’s in Hollywood compared to today’s version of Rom-Coms.

Your most played song/band?
I create playlists for my stories, so my tastes are dependent upon the story and the characters at that time. Currently it’s most things Pitbull and his song, Bad Man, gets belted out a fair bit of late. (Can’t tell you who the character is in this current WIP that suits that song.)

Favourite genre of romance?
Rural Romance!!!!  Live it & love it.

Favourite food?
All things seafood. Yum.

Favourite drink?
Iced coffee, not the variety out of the carton, but the hand created dessert-styled-specialty. We don’t have a dairy in the Northern Territory so fresh milk is a treat.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose?
To fly—which is kind of ironic considering I’d probably freak out at the heights.

If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?
I’ve always written for myself as a hobby, from flash fiction to poetry. The stories don’t stop, so it would have to be something creative. I’m done being in the corporate world.

Favourite quote?
‘What’s past is prologue’ from William Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest.

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know…
I was in the Northern Territory Police Force; and a Commissioner for Oaths for over 10 years. So, I’m very aware that there are two sides to many stories.

Most famous person you’ve ever met? Tell us about the meeting!
Classic case of wrong place at the right time. At the end of the runway of Darwin airport, we were there to visit a colleague. After explaining to all these Americans in suits, that we were staying at the property near the end of the runaway, they told us to wait and wave at this guy.

We asked the Federal Police and Homeland Security Officers who were we waving at?

Guess who…

US President, Barack Obama.

He waved at us and we watched Air Force One take off—now that is a beast of a plane.


The Football Whisperer

When life makes you play a whole new game…

In a spectacular career-threatening clash, professional footballer, Brendan Ward, is injured.  Devastated and desperate to recover before facing risky surgery, Ward’s wacky family search alternative remedies that Ward refuses to try.

The local racetrack’s Reiki Master, Zara Phelps, specialises in thoroughbreds and won’t touch people—especially famous footballers. But Zara’s father, an avid fan of Ward’s Club, forces her to make that first house-call.

Ward is shocked-at-first-sight of meeting Zara, sparking a connection that is far too intense to ignore.

Zara, in turn, fights her attraction to Ward, who not only tests her professional ethics but also awakens her deepest fear—falling in love again.

But Ward has never let a man get away from him in a game, and won’t surrender what he feels for Zara, and in need of her help, he finds himself far from his fans, coaches, and his team. Stranded in the country, amongst ex-car-thieves and a stalking pit bull, Ward faces his biggest challenges while trying to heal. But at what risk – the love of his life or the life he loves?

If you enjoy quirky characters and witty dialogue, then you’ll love The Football Whisperer.



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