Secret Confessions: Shona Husk





 Tell us a little more about your housewife, Meagan:
Meagan has it all, married, two kids and a successful restaurant, but most people don’t see how hard she works to keep everything going. And while she is okay with it looking effortless; at times she just wants the world to stop so she can catch her breath.


What inspired Meagan’s story:
I was told she was a chef from there I started poking around what being a chef of a fancy restaurant meant and what it was like for female chefs. After that the ideas tumbled together. I knew Fraser, the restaurant owner, had to be someone special. I wanted a real push/pull between them when it came to business and pleasure.


What was your biggest challenge in writing Meagan’s story?
I had to connect with the character, so while she might have money now, she wasn’t born into it. She got there through hard work and determination…and a dash of luck. I also had to research Sydney as I’ve only visited twice.


Why will we love Meagan?
Meagan is like so many woman, busy juggling a job and kids and then trying to keep the spark with her man. Despite her wealth, she still faces the same challenges that many women have with their relationship.


The Housewives of Sydney series promises that we’ll “find out what goes on behind the doors of the most exclusive addresses in the country”. What was the appeal of joining this series? Similarly, what has been the biggest challenge?
Being involved in a series like this makes it a real team effort and it’s a real community feel during the plotting and planning. It’s a great vibe. The hardest part was probably the dinner parties and making sure that all the characters were consistent.




Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Meagan
Shona Husk

Meagan knows food. In the kitchen, she’s confident, cool, and in charge. But when it comes to presenting next season’s dishes and delicacies to the owner of the exclusive restaurant where she is head chef, all of her insecurities boil to the surface.

She knows that she’s playing with fire with a special dessert that blows the restaurant’s budget, but maybe, with the help of some unorthodox persuasion techniques, she might just get what she wants – everything that she wants.

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AusRomToday’s review of Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Meagan





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