AT MY DESK: Kathryn White

Well, this view sure beats working at a desk!
Well, this view sure beats working at a desk!

Well, this view sure beats working at a desk!

At My Desk
Kathryn White

D’oh … I signed on to be a part of the at my desk feature, totally overlooking the fact that my desk is probably the messiest and least romantic part of my writing career. And, perhaps, the least photogenic part of my career, which is probably why I am too scared to share a photo of my desk. I inherited the desk several years ago from my grandmother. My dad’s stepfather, who I grew up calling Gramps, built the desk himself, which is a remarkable achievement given that he was both blind and deaf. This was due to an injury that was sustained during the bombing of Darwin in World War Two. These days, the desk seems to be perpetually covered in books, sticky notes and anything else that is somehow related to writing novels, poetry or book reviews. My desk also home to a rather odd paperweight that was a birthday gift from my brother and sister-in-law a few years back.


I love the portability of my MacBook Pro and often choose to write away from my desk while I embrace different sights from around my home and local neighourhood. Consequently, instead of sharing a photograph of my desk, I am sharing this picture of the beautiful view from one of my local parks. I wrote parts of my latest novel, Cats, Scarves and Liars here, although the novel itself is set mostly in the southern end of the Adelaide CBD and in the Adelaide Hills. Cats, Scarves and Liars is an offbeat thriller that tells the story of a young widow and her somewhat evil and eccentric stalker. It is a bit different from some of my other books, especially my previous release Behind the Scenes which is a YA novel about a, young aspiring actress.


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