AT MY DESK: Rhian Cahill

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At My Desk
Rhian Cahill

Okay so this is the current state of my desk –


It’s a little messy.  Okay, it’s a LOT messy but I’m in the middle of a book and I’ve just finished the final edits on another and if you could take a pic of my brain then this probably how it looks as well J

I’m lucky to have an office. Not a corner of a room but a whole room with a DOOR! Of course I have to share it with Mr.C but he’s not home most of the time so it’s mine. Mine, mine, mine, mine. J

Off to the side of my desk is a low bench –


Above it is the hand painted canvas of my first ever book. Mr.C had it done for me and I love it. There’s also my pinboard & chalkboard (both need updating) where I keep track of releases, edits, word counts, whatever I need to see at a glance. It’s actually a little embarrassing to see how messy it is but there’s no point cleaning up until after ‘The End’ because I’ll just mess it up again anyway. It’s a cleaning process I do after each book that clears not only the desk but my mind too. Which makes moving onto the next book easier.

I’ve got so many knick-knacks we’d be here all day if I named them but they all have a special place in my heart and I love surrounding myself with special mementoes. I also like to surround myself with books. This is my bookcase –


I have to share some of the shelves with the tribe but most of those are mine and yes, I’ve read the majority of them. One day I’d like a library room. But I need another couple of kids to leave home for that to happen. J


Where to find Rhian online:


What’s next for Rhian?
Next release is Pass The Parcelin the Down And Dirty Box Set. Down And Dirty is scheduled for release June 27th. Find out more here!






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