Finding My Voice: H.C. Brown

For me as a writer who runs the gambit of multiple genres, finding my voice is rather finding the voice for current work in progress. When I started writing, I had no idea of correct style or voice but wrote a story and won a prize. I joined RWA and found the critique program helpful. Now I have the privilege of being an RWA Mentor Author.

I believe discovering I had a variety of ‘voices’ became the turning point in my writing career.

In my current release, The Black Knight, a highly erotic, M/M historical BDSM, I had to change my voice in consideration of the language of the time and deal with phrases not usually used for a D/s relationship because there is no definable reference until the 18th Century and the writing of the Marquis de Sade.  My main character is a vulnerable man who has had his share of heartache, so I had to write him with a degree of tenderness as well.

For me, my voice and writing style comes more from the main character in my current work in progress.

In my novel, Unlocked, it was necessary to create a hard hitting, streetwise male prostitute from New York, very different from the sweet vulnerable lord in The Black Knight. In Unlocked, I required smartass, gun toting, Special Ops men with attitude. Here I had to delve into the mind of a psychopathic monster in the form of Doc, the villain in the story. This is the first erotica story I have written. I took risks and explored a different approach to this M/M BDSM Romance.  Bringing sanity and affection into a world of hurt was quite a challenge.

Adryck flicked him a glance. “Don’t complain to Doc again or he’ll work you all night.”

Chanze gazed into his friend’s eyes. The unusual gold-colored irises of a tiger stared back at him with a wild untamed expression that made him want to drop to his knees and beg Adryck to flog him. “Problem is I enjoy the pain. I crave the sex. I think I’m so screwed in the head, I’d agree to do a snuff scene.”


For my mainstream historical, I prefer a lighter romantic voice. The Highlander in the Mist, releases November. This story and my current work in progress, Escape to the Highlands, I use my super romantic voice. These historical stories, both set in the Scottish Highlands are something I lose myself in completely. They take me longer to write because I become absorbed in the romantic history of the time—Alpha heroes in kilts, sassy ladies who have faults but crave to love a handsome hunk— these deserve a little more of my time to enjoy. My mainstream historical romances are published under H.C. Brown or my Elizabeth M Darcy pen name.

Escape to the Highlands:

He sauntered past in elegant glory leaving the expensive fragrance of bergamot in his wake and simply taking her breath away. Dangerously handsome and with the hungry countenance of a wolf, he cast a predatory gaze over the silk encased ladies in the foyer.

The best part of being an author is allowing my voice to run free through many different genres, to enjoy the delight of writing a story and allowing the characters inside my head the chance to fly.



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The Black Knight
H.C. Brown

Will Sir Alano return in time to save his lover and delectable sex slave, Degare, from a fate worse than death—a wife?

England 1075

Sir Degare Aucourte’s heart belongs to the Black Knight, Sir Alano, the formidable warrior who taught him all a man could give to another. Degare becomes a slave to his handsome lover’s erotic punishment and craves no other but after a month of bliss, Alano returns to Spain with his regiment.

Ordered by King William of England to marry an elderly Spanish countess, Degare must find a rouse to avoid the marriage bed. The last thing he desires in his life is a woman—let alone a wife.

Will the Black Knight return to mend Degare’s shattered heart and resolve his intolerable situation?

Luminosity Publishing




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  1. Great post Heather. I can hear your different voices in your work. It takes a special person to be able to recognise and work with all the voices, to create books your readers love.

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