AT MY DESK: Suzy Shearer



At My Desk: Suzy Shearer


Ah yes -my desk/workspace … for me it’s all about creation, inspiration, visual stimulation.

Being an author and an artist, my studio does double duty as somewhere to create both written works and painted ones. Both always need inspiration. My writing ones are in front of my laptop on my corkboard!

Whenever I write, I always scour the internet first to find a picture of a hunk. I then print it out to stick on the corkboard. As I write, I talk to him – and yes, he always talks back. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always say the things I think he should and, more often than not, he doesn’t behave in the way I thought he would. But then, that’s what makes writing so interesting – you never know where your ‘inspiration’ is going to take you.


At the moment I am working on the 3rd book in The Hunter series. I had the book all planned out, knew exactly what was going to happen and when. Then my  ‘inspiration’  decided that he didn’t like what I’d mapped out for him. Instead, he went off on a completely new direction that I hadn’t even thought about.

Now I’m writing in a feverish pitch, trying to catch up with his idea.  Amazingly it’s working. In fact it’s even better than my original idea for this book.

You have to admit he is kind of hunky – he is an immortal vampire hunter over 4000 years old. Looks good for an old guy!  In the book, he is tired of living his life alone and is in danger of ‘walking into the sun’ knowing it will kill him.  You’ll have to wait for the book to be finished before you learn more about him but for a little teaser –


I stay out longer and longer each day.  The pain from the sun on my body reminds me I am still alive.  Each time I rise I wonder if it will be the day I finally take one risk too many.


Stay that extra minute too long in the sun.  Drop my guard intentionally when I fight the strigoi.

I constantly wage war with the strigoi but also constantly with myself. No-one should have to live this long alone. I’m  afraid that if I were ever to meet my One, my emotions would be so deeply buried that I could never return the love given me. In fact, I don’t think it would be fair on her or him. Maybe it’s better to end it all now.


What chance do I have?




Still, once again I rise. 


Once again, I hunt. 


Once again, I battle within my heart and my soul.  Each day passes, each one the same – as the millennia flow past me.


Still I wonder who will win this day, this month, this year, this century?


How much longer can I do this?



I keep a calendar of sorts, left on the picture above.  I write what’s happening in the story so I don’t lose track of days/time/weeks.  Also, I keep a database – it holds every little bit of information about my characters.


Oh, I’m sure you’ve notice the cutie alongside my laptop. One of my cats – Calicoe – she likes to make sure I’m working hard. She’s not afraid to bite me if she thinks I’m slacking off.  A horrible taskmaster – demands pats all the time. She’s even been known to tear down one of the inspiration’s photos  if she thinks I’m paying him too much attention!




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