AT MY DESK: Lawrence Gleadhill


AT MY DESK: Lawrence Gleadhill


“There is something about a coffee and a muffin. The sugars hit me at just the right spot, it’s magical”

I lost count how many coffees and muffins I’ve consumed for ‘research purposes,’ but it would be quite a few. But wherever I am writing they are a MUST.

So where do I write?

Well sadly the table in my house faces a brick wall, that backs onto a main road, so no luck there. But with laptop in hand, I head out and venture around Brisbane. If I am stuck for inspiration I normally head to Southbank or Westend. For some reason being close to the river I always get ideas. And if you find me admiring sewer pipes, well, even they can be inspirational sometimes.



But my favourite spot to go is a cafe in Brisbane, Java Coast Cafe. I came across this places a few years ago and there is something about it that keeps me coming back. Apart from the coffee and muffins. I think it’s something to do with the décor and how ‘quiet’ it can be in the city. I even have a favourite table, close to the power point so when my laptop runs low, the writing can keep going.


And yes, I prefer typing on a laptop. I don’t mind writing and do so when a laptop is inconvenient,  but it usually takes me sometime to translate my scribble, so a laptop is just easier.

And after a round of coffees, a muffin and a meal I normally come up with some great ideas and it’s well worth the money and the calories. I don’t like being copped up at home, so getting out and about, I am more productive.



Then after that it’s normally back home, where I sit on that table facing the brick wall, where I continue the ideas and spend the endlessly long sessions editing and revising. But with my Beats by Dr Dre  headphones I’m good to go. Anything from Cyhi the Prynce, Don Trip, Trivium and Regina Spektor, will drown out the traffic and get me going.

BUT, before all this, before the coffee, the muffins, the music, is the night before. Most of of my ideas will start off as some weird dream during the night and come morning, I’m scrambling for a pen and paper to write it down. I wrote Josh & Jen around the time I was watching a lot of The Mentalist and Sherlock Holmes (films) so perhaps these crept into my sleep. But I woke up with only the opening scene and it went from there. And one day I was sitting at Java Coast Cafe and had an idea for another romance book, which has become Mark & Madelyn, the sequel to Josh & Jen. So I owe that one to the coffee and muffin

I am active on twitter, facebook and slowly coming around to using Goodreads more. So you can see my updates and see what I get up to. I am working on a few books coming out in 2015, but my current WIP, is my screenwriting project Kdan. I’ll be submitting it to some agencies soon, so if you like Witches, Wizards, Vampires and surprises, then stay tuned.


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2 Comments on AT MY DESK: Lawrence Gleadhill

  1. That was great, Lawrence. Really enjoyed reading about your visits to Brisbane’s cafes, and envied your ability to eat muffins without guilt. I’ve been on a diet forever.

  2. Thanks Victoria, it’s all part of the job 🙂

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