FRIDAY FREEBIE: Avril Tremayne’s ‘The Millionaire’s Proposition’

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The Millionaire’s Proposition by Avril Tremayne


What inspired this book?
This book is part of a four-book series* – Sydney’s Most Eligible – that focuses on a group of friends who formed a bond eight years ago in the Whitsundays, only to have that bond torn apart, sending them all in different geographic and emotional directions.

The Millionaire’s Proposition is about two self-professed cynics who embark on what they think is the perfect relationship – a straightforward, no-strings, friends-with-benefits ‘arrangement’. Of course, it doesn’t stay straightforward for long.

As a devoted Sydneysider, I used Sydney Harbour as an inspiration while I was writing this story. Both Scott and Kate feel an affinity with the water, and have a yearning for emotional freedom that they somehow associate with the boats bobbing in the Harbour.

*All four books can be read as standalones, but if you want to check out the whole fabulous series, the other writers are the brilliant Joss Wood (book 1), Stefanie London (book 3) and Jennifer Rae (book 4). 


Who are the main characters and why will we love them?
Scott Knight comes from a wealthy, stitched up family, and despite a mile-wide streak of charisma, is a little on the conservative side. He’s not the type to talk about feelings, that’s for sure. Confident and controlled, he sees himself as the ultimate black-book guy – he’s never had a relationship that’s lasted longer than two months, and that’s how he’d like to keep it. Despite all that, he manages to be unbelievably cute.

Kate is as disinterested in romance as Scott is. As a divorce lawyer, she’s seen too many disastrous marriages to make ‘forever’ a desirable option. She decides the safe thing to do with Scott is to spell out all the dos and don’ts of their sex-not-love relationship in a detailed contract – that way, everyone knows what to expect. She’s successful and driven, but at her core, tender-hearted – perhaps too tender-hearted to deal easily with the soul destroying situations her clients find themselves in.

Of course, Scott and Kate manage to surprise themselves. Not only is the passion between them off the charts, but neither of them turns out to be exactly as the other expected. Not as tough, not as cynical, not as controlled. And it’s as their vulnerabilities surface that things in the bedroom start to go haywire.

What I love about these characters is that despite their vastly different upbringings (Scott’s, very cold and conventional; Kate’s, warm and a little bit whacky) they find something in each other that makes them yearn for more than what they’ve agreed to.



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The Millionaire’s Proposition
Avril Tremayne

He suggested a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement…

It was going to be:
* Two nights a week
* Strictly confidential
* One month only…

Weirdly, it might have been his proposition, but lawyer Kate Cleary is so buttoned up she whips out a contract for them both to sign! Seeing her in her high heels and stockings, all Scott Knight can do is sign and quickly move on to the implementation stage!

Kate couldn’t be more jaded about relationships. After all, she’s in the business of ending marriages! Millionaire architect Scott might be seriously sexy, but he’s also a complicated enigma—one she’s quickly becoming determined to solve…even if that means breaking the terms of her own watertight contract…

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