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Meet My Muse with Peta Crake

It took just five words uttered on a radio show to make me laugh and come up with the idea for a book. A new-to-Perth listener complained, “Nothing ever happens in Perth.”

Those of us who live here know that a lot of good things happen in Perth – like the Perth International Arts Festival, the longest running cultural festival in Australia. We also know that if we tell everyone about it we will have to share. Although the secret might be out now as it has become one of the fastest growing cities in Australia.

The comment did get me thinking though. “What if there was a whole side of Perth that no one knew about?”

Cue Ophelia Lind, average Aussie girl – cheeky, strong-willed, fun and courier for the gods. She bounces between the mythical world and this world delivering messages for deities. She grew up in Perth and stays because she believes no god would live here – it’s too isolated. Which is why in the first book, Harbinger, Phi’s life gets turned upside down when Aden, a drop-dead gorgeous demigod, moves into her neighbourhood and has the nerve to buy her favourite bar. Unfortunately for Phi, he is the least of her troubles.

The second book, Sacrifice, was another creature entirely. This time places I had visited, lived in or I had heard about, seeded story ideas. A trip to open-all-hours Las Vegas, rural areas of Japan I had explored, tales of travel in exotic India, all helped me tell Phi’s next story. Like many of us, she is trying to juggle work, family and friends (I didn’t need to look far for inspiration for this side of her life) – and Aden, of course. Every time Ophelia thinks she is getting her life under control, something or someone comes along to mess it up.

My current work in progress (WIP) is the third book in the series, Defiance. So far the Indian Ocean is proving to be a big inspiration for both settings and characters. I think it’s hard to live in Perth without being affected by the huge expanse of crystal clear water on our doorstep. It isn’t difficult to imagine the gods enjoying it just as much as us mere mortals either.





Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal

One thing I discovered while writing the Ophelia Lind series is that I don’t necessarily have to wait for inspiration to strike out of the blue anymore like I did when I first started writing. Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking at everything around me in a different light – or laughing at a random comment on the radio.



Peta Crake

Ophelia Lind has never been your average girl, but since becoming the Harbinger, her life has become even more complicated. Still a messenger for the gods, Ophelia is desperately trying to balance her new position with her complicated family. The only thing that’s been going well is her deepening relationship with demigod Aden.

When a message delivery goes awry, a dangerous artefact is stolen, and a woman beloved of the gods goes missing, Ophelia falls under suspicion and she realises that once again she’s become caught up in a sinister plot. And if that weren’t enough, someone is stirring up trouble between her and Aden. As the threats begin to escalate, Ophelia must try to clear her name before the gods take action. But will she be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect what she loves most…

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  1. Enjoyed your post Peta. I once worked for a month in Perth and the locals came from everywhere, wanting to show me everything, just because they are such gorgeous hosts. A very special place. Best of luck with ‘Sacrifice’!

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