REVIEW: Mel Teshco’s ‘Camilla’



Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives—Camilla
Mel Teshco

To all of Sydney’s society, she’s just the upstart, gold-digging waitress that somehow managed to snare one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors.

Camilla can’t pretend that the gossip and the innuendo that follows her wherever she goes doesn’t bother her, but when the world gets too much, she just stays in her beautiful home, with her beautiful husband. After all, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors, and plenty goes on at Camilla’s house.

Escape Publishing



What AusRomToday thought:

Well…it simply would not be a Mel Teshco book if it didn’t come complete with a breathtakingly hot alpha male, a strong-willed and admirable heroine, and absolutely scorching hot sex scenes! Let me tell you, this is a very true-to-form, unmissable Teshco read!

Camilla is not your typical Sydney Housewife. Certainly, she stands separate to the other female characters in that she has somewhat stumbled into their lifestyle—having met and married one of Australia’s most eligible (and wealthy) bachelors, Drake Jackson much to the dismay, perhaps disgust, of some of her fellow Double D members.

Teshco has written Drake as the perfect alpha male—strong, commanding, sensual and absolutely in control. Similarly, Camilla (though clearly enamored with her new husband and really, the man is a powerhouse of sensuality so who can blame her!) is goal-oriented toward career, travel and her own life direction which is always interesting to read. No damsel in distress here!

Within the opening pages, we’re introduced to their sexual dynamic which sets a fantastic tone and pace for their story. Though theirs is a scorching sexual relationship, the emotional aspects of the relationship are also quite well explored. It’s an interesting dynamic and one that works well in that it exposes the depth of their relationship quickly and takes the reader immediately into the heart of their story.

For me, Camilla is a welcome addition to the Double D Club. She holds her own among the other more pretentious women, is quick witted yet still classy, and throughout the story we’re able to see her develop from being somewhat uncertain of herself to being much more comfortable and relaxed in herself. That in and of itself offers a breath of fresh air.

– J’aimee Brooker, AusRomToday





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2 Comments on REVIEW: Mel Teshco’s ‘Camilla’

  1. Thanks so much Jaimee for that wonderful review =)

  2. Love it. An unmissable Teshco read. Totally agree.

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