Feature Spotlight: Jason Luke

Amazon Top Ten bestselling erotica author, Jason Luke, joins AusRomToday to chat about erotic BDSM written by a man from a man’s POV, his latest release The Word Master, and an exciting development in what to expect next…


Describe yourself in one word:


What is your background with regard to writing?
I have always been a reader, and have always enjoyed the old thriller action books that were popular back in the 70’s and 80’s. I spent a lot of time listening to audiobooks during long commutes before I finally tried my hand at the craft myself.


When did you first begin writing with a view of embarking on a career as a published author?
I published my first novel (a zombie thriller) in November 2013, and have been writing full time for a living since then.


The Word Master features Jericho James, a BDSM Master with his own evening radio program that gives listeners a tantalising insight into the world of Domination and submission. What sparked this concept for you?
12 months ago I published a novel called Interview with a Master that was a massive bestseller on Amazon worldwide and reached the top 100 on the bestsellers lists. Now, 12 months later, I have written The Word Master as a separate novel with different characters, that continues with the concepts of domination and submission.


What was your biggest challenge in writing The Word Master?
I think the biggest challenge is always to entertain the reader. In between the sexual tension between characters and the eroticism of the book, there still needs to be an intriguing story line that fascinates and compels the reader to turn to the next page.


What one character trait will most endear Jericho to your readers?
Jericho James is an Australian living in America. I think readers get a glimpse of our typical Aussie humour throughout the book, coupled with Jericho’s powerful personality.


What kind of research was involved in the planning of The Word Master? Was there anything surprising that you learned during the research process?
I didn’t require any research about aspects of the lifestyle – that was something I was already familiar with. I did however spend some time at a local radio station learning a little bit about the process of talk-back radio. I guess what surprised me most about that research was how understated everything about the facility was. I expected something much grander and more elaborate.


There has been much attention on the BDSM lifestyle of late, as a writer exploring and presenting the BDSM lifestyle, what’s the one thing you’d like people to know about the lifestyle?
I am certainly no expert on BDSM. I have my own opinions, but I keep them to myself. The characters of my books would probably tell you that BDSM is a lifestyle choice everyone is free to explore to a lesser or greater degree depending on their own attitudes and preferences. BDSM isn’t always about whips and chains and leather.


What’s next for you?
I am thinking about moving into contemporary romance! I feel I have said all I want to say about BDSM now, and I am interested in reaching a broader audience. I have a daily blog where I post free snippets of erotica and romance, where I continue to practice my craft.




The Word Master
Jason Luke

Imagine it – a sexy BDSM Master talking to thousands of radio listeners every night… giving women an erotic and sensual insight into the world of domination and submission.

Jericho James is the man – the man with the power and the voice to make women around the country swoon and submit.

But his personal life is haunted by a dark tragedy from his past, and a mysterious listener to his program who wants more from Jericho than he can possibly give.

Because there’s one thing he just won’t do…

One line he simply will not cross.

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About the Author:
Jason Luke is an Australian man who lives on the far South Coast of New South Wales with his long time girlfriend. Jason publishes a blog where he posts free snippets of erotic romance fiction every single day.



Find Jason online:



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