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Friday Freebie with Louise Lyndon


Tell us about Of Love and Vengeance:
Forced to marry Lord Aymon to ensure her nephews survival, English Lady Laila vows undying hatred for the Norman she holds responsible for so many deaths. Discovering Aymon has committed an act of treason gives her the chance to seek vengeance he deserves.  But will Laila really let Aymon die once she learns the truth? A hardened Norman warrior, Lord Aymon has lived through atrocities no man ever should. With the invasion of England over, all he wants is a quiet life and a wife who will give him heirs and obey his every command. Instead, he finds himself wed to feisty and outspoken Laila. But when she learns the truth of his treasonous act, can Aymon count on her to keep his secret?


What inspired this book?
I used to live in England and it was while I was on a trip to York, in the North of England, I was exploring some medieval ruins. I got to thinking about the people who lived in those times. Anyway, a piece of dialogue popped into my head, ‘Can you at least wait until Carac arrives before you tell Diggory of my treason?’ – huh? Who is Carac and Diggory and what treason has ‘he’ committed. It all started from there.


Who are the main characters and why will we love them?
Laila and Aymon are the main characters of, Of Love and Vengeance. You’ll love Laila because she is a no nonsense woman who can take care of herself, yet, at the same time is able to admit when she needs help. While she outwardly appears to be strong, inside she is like the rest of us and struggles with self-esteem issues. You’ll love Aymon because he’s exactly what a hero should be. Strong, loving, caring and will fight to the death for the woman he loves. Yet, he’s also vulnerable and he’s not afraid to show it.


For you, what’s the best thing about Fridays?
Aside from the end of the working week (I still have the dreaded day job!) coming to an end? The weekend means two, wonderful solid days of writing. I love it!


What’s coming up next for you?
I’m working on a story called, Of Love and Betrayal. It takes place about fifty years after Of Love and Vengeance, and features some characters from Vengeance. I’m almost finished it – although my characters, Troy and Aveline, reminded me last night I was trying to take the story in a direction that it’s not supposed to go, so I spent last night rewriting a couple of chapters to get things back on track.



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