MEET MY MUSE: Karen Weaver

Karen Weaver


Meet My Muse with Karen Weaver

My muse appears to be life itself and the potential to find love through any circumstance. I seem to absorb experiences and some people I meet become quite poignant in my thoughts when I begin to write. Something about them will stand out and connect with my characters. I feel that because in a way they are real and sometimes I entwine real life events into my writing that when readers connect to those characters or the scenario’s they find themselves in that it is deep.

I connect very deeply with the emotion of events and how deep the feelings associated with this emotions run and their potential to change us for the better. In fact in all of my three books in the Enlightenment Series they all in turn connect with their journey of life itself and how we can embrace the lessons that may come our way

My muse niggles at me and keeps me up at night as stories develop in my mind, especially as my characters develop and I become more connected to them. They are on a journey and I am on it with them.

My muse sends me wisdom to share throughout my books. In fact The Waiting Zone is a place where my main characters are sent from and it is also a place where wisdom is sent on a need to know basis so that it can be applied to the scenario they or another character is facing at that time.

I am a hopeless romantic at heart so there is always a romance story and a happy ending in my books but it doesn’t come easily. Without giving away too much……In The Visitor Rupert’s heart is solely focused on his lost love and he does not see the potential in the love he is receiving from Sydney. In The Wish Giver the main character changes in the story and Claire (who is a soft gentle person) has to learn to trust and love herself and as a result finds love. In The Memory Taker the loving connection between Gilbert and the enchanting Arianna seems to be one sided and as other controlling and sometime obsessive love interests are introduced their connection changes. It is sort of an ‘everything happens for a reason’ journey.

All three of my books are different in their own way with unique intensities that flow through the stories and yet they also follow on from each other.

My work in progress is currently called Greener Grass but we are considering changing it to Outback Dancer. It is a story about how a girl called Sarah finds herself stranded in Australia after burning her bridges to home for a time and the journey she ends up experiencing whilst she is here.  It is a Riverdance meets Farmer wants a wife type of scenario and I am excited about where the story is going. We are aiming for a September 2015 release date.

My move from Ireland to Australia seven years ago has definetly influenced this book. I hope to weave that magic into the plot.

Since beginning this book I have learned that as an author I am growing. It is my fourth novel and my characters are becoming stronger and more adventurous. It is fun and I hope that my readers connect with the Australian, Irish connection that I have introduced in this book.


Find Karen online:
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