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Jennie Jones


Meet My Muse with Jennie Jones


My muse has been all over the shop floor these last five months, but thankfully, that mayhem is starting to feel normal.

In the last 4.5 months, I’ve written 60,000 words on a small-town Aussie rural for an anthology with two other fabulous Aussie authors. I wrote 27,000 words on book #1 of a 3-book series set in Arizona with all American characters (not an Aussie in sight, not even a backpacker sipping a cold one behind a saguaro cactus), and then decided I didn’t know what was going to happen in Arizona (maybe I should have added that Aussie) so left it and took up a modern-day romantic comedy I’d started writing in 2011 about an earl who doesn’t want to be an earl, and an independent woman with a smart cardigan and a three-point plan which doesn’t include an earl. 85,000 words of aristocratic mayhem later (romance and enchantment included) and that one’s written. So now I’m back to Arizona – and I think I might stay in that sultry climate until I reach The End of book #1.

I don’t mind when my muse takes me off on a different journey to that which I’d planned, because it usually means great fodder for future books – but sometimes, keeping control of that muse (because this is a business, and we have to keep some control, or at least make it look like we’ve got control) is downright daunting, not to mention scary!

I have no idea where my muse might have led me by the time September arrives. But one thing I’ve learned: plan, and when the plan isn’t working – change the plan. So far, this is working for me!

In the meantime, I worked hard and fast in the previous 18 months and the result is thrilling. By August, I’ll have three more books in my Swallow’s Fall small-town Australian series published in the one year, making a total of five (3 full-length and 2 shorter length).

So – coming next to an eReader or department store shelf near you is THE TURNAROUD TREASURE SHOP out 22nd May and up for pre-order now (eBook only). Hot on its tail is THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET out 27th July and up for pre-order now (eBook and paperback).

So maybe I ought not to worry so much, and just follow my muse. Not sure if I’ll ever feel that I’ve caught up with ‘her’ but there again – maybe I’m not supposed to. Maybe that’s what keeps things ticking along. My muse will have her ideas, and I will no doubt follow.



Find out more about Jennie Jones books, the upcoming releases of books #4 and #5 in her Swallow’s Fall series and where to buy them (some great specials on at the moment) over on Jennie’s webpage.

Find Jennie (and ask a question – any question – she loves to talk!) on her Facebook page

Study Jennie’s Pinterest boards and see how her muse took over in order to give her inspiration for writing her books



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4 Comments on MEET MY MUSE: Jennie Jones

  1. Oh my! Earls and whirls in Arizona? Sounds like an adventure to me! Will there be dancing on tables and castanet playing involved? If so, I’m soooo there 😉 Lead on, Muse…

  2. Definitely castanets Juanita!

  3. Wow Jennie, that’s impressive. Love the sound of the Arizona setting 🙂

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