REVIEW: Kelly Hunter’s ‘Pursued by the Rogue’

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Pursued by the Rogue
Kelly Hunter

A no-strings affair between two dedicated professionals? It should have been the perfect solution.

Ugly duckling Dawn Turner doesn’t do relationships. She has her reasons and they’re good ones. But she can’t resist the magic in Finbar Sullivan’s touch, so she negotiates the next best thing with him. Scorchingly perfect, utterly casual sex.

World class musician Finnbar Sullivan always pushes the limits to get what he wants, and he wants Dawn. All of her. Love, commitment and a future together. So he reneges on the deal and composes a new one.

So what’s stopping her? And will Finn’s latest offer be enough to change Dawn’s mind?




What AusRom Today thought:

Firstly, I must say I adore the concept for this series comprising novels from Kelly Hunter, Heidi Rice, Lucy King, and Amy Andrews. Essentially, this four-book multi-author series centres on four women, who’ve known each other since they were kids, embarking on their adult lives which just happen to be loosely based around four popular fairy tales.

Kelly Hunter’s Pursued by the Rogue is up first and Hunter certainly sets the tone for the entire series. The back-story and the coming together of the four women ten years on from their last meeting adds much depth to the concept.

Pursued by the Rogue focuses on Dawn and Finn, a story based around the Ugly Duckling premise. Interestingly, Hunter presents Dawns story in a way that shines a light on the inner darkness that leads us to “feel” ugly or awkward or uncomfortable in our own skin rather than simply focusing on the surface prettiness or attractiveness of Dawn. This depth in Dawn’s character, though an unpleasant topic, added much substance to the story. Finn is the man we all crave to meet at some point in our lives and he plays his role brilliantly.

Hunter is a superb writer and always a go-to for me when I’m looking for strong characterisation and an engaging plot. Pursued by the Rogue not only lives up to those expectations, but now redefines exactly how incredible Hunter’s writing is.

P.S.: Never has the moral of the story been quite so delightfully presented.

– J’aimee Brooker, AusRom Today

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