REVIEW: Alyssa J Montgomery’s ‘The Defiant Princess’

The Definat Princess

The Defiant Princess

Alyssa J Montgomery

When faced with the choice between the life she’s built and the duty she’s left behind—what’s a reluctant princess to do?

Sabrina has never known Rhajia, the land of her birth. Living in Australia since she was a child, she’s built a life here, claimed a life outside of the politics and history of the conflicted desert region of her birth. But now her life is in danger, and there may be only one solution: a temporary marriage to Khalid, the Crown Price of Turastan.

Temporary, logical, political and in name only, the marriage could save both of their countries—and Sabrina. Emotions can have no place in this plan, especially for the dark, dangerous and seductive Crown Prince.

Khalid has already chosen a woman to become his wife—a woman who understands her duties, his history and the rules for a good consort. He will marry her, just as soon as he’s sorted out the Sabrina situation for his father and returned the defiant princess to her home country. He has no intention of falling in line with her ridiculous plan. After all, Sabrina may be beautiful, but she’s headstrong and completely out of touch with her history. And absolutely the last woman he would ever want to marry…

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What AusRom Today thought:

Montgomery has a smooth, well-paced writing style that engages and entertains. She writes in a way that offers a genuine feeling of being present in each situation. From the danger and drama to the sensuality of Khalid and Sabrina’s romance, each scene is painted vividly and in evocative detail.

Sabrina, though passionate and defiant in equal measure, shows an air of vulnerability throughout the story that is both expected (given her past) and becoming of her character. She is no shrinking violet, instead she is fiercely independent, strong-willed and determined.

The strong, capable, and enigmatic Khalid is masculine, commanding and authoritative yet also compassion and kind – a character of depth and dimension who proves the perfect hero for our defiant heroine.

What begins as a pragmatic approach to their relationship develops quite quickly into an intensely passionate love. The chemistry between Khalid and Sabrina is palpable, almost frustratingly so. At one point I actually yelled at the screen telling them to “just kiss already!” so in the regard of convincing storytelling, Montgomery scores a 10 out of 10!

The Defiant Princess is an exciting story that spans the Middle East and Australia weaving into it a delicious romance complete with undeniable chemistry, sizzling sex, and a sensual and sweet love story.

– J’aimee Brooker, AusRom Today



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