HUMP DAY HUNK: Helen Goltz

Hump Day Hunk_Death by Disguise


Hump Day Hunk with Helen Goltz


Dominic Bennett, Death by Disguise
Name:                 Dominic Bennett
Career:               Personal trainer
Height:              Six foot plus
Physique:         Toned and buffed as you would expect from a personal trainer
Hair:                   Dark brown
Eyes:                   Blue
Mouth:               Extremely sexy and often sporting a boyish grin
Personality:     In Death by Disguise we see the two sides of Dominic—the over protective, possessive side of his nature and by contrast, the man who will do what it takes to save his relationship.


Death by Disguise_Jesse & Dom med res


In the following excerpt, Dominic agrees to dress up for Comic Con to help his private investigator girlfriend, Jesse, to flush out a baddy. When he comes home from running a workout class, Jesse is trying out her Black Widow costume.


I heard Dom’s car come in and a minute later, he opened the front door.

“Jess?” he called out.

I slipped out of the kitchen in costume brandishing my water pistol.

“Stick it up, buddy,” I directed him.

Dom laughed, his eyes lit up and he dropped his gym bag. “Oh yeah, I’m liking this evil side of you,” he grinned, his gaze ran over the Black Widow costume.

“No one gave you permission to speak,” I said, still brandishing my water pistol. “Get over here and remove that T-shirt.”

Dom laughed and walked half-way across the room towards me. He pulled his T-shirt off and threw it on the couch behind him. I never could get enough of that beautiful built chest and strong arms. In fact if I had been mugging him, he could have wrestled the gun away while I ogled him.

He moved towards me. “Rotate and show me that costume,” he said.

“Stay right where you are,” I ordered, moving further away from him and into the center of the room. “This gun is loaded with water; don’t speak or you’ll be sorry.”

Dom held up his hands in a surrender motion. His muscles flexed; excellent.

“Take off your running shoes and socks,” I said.

I watched as he followed orders; he wasn’t used to following orders, more used to bellowing them at class members. He was showing marvelous restraint; I knew he was dying to check out the costume from a few angles. He could wait.

He looked up and looked me over again.

I gave him a smile. “Don’t even think about it, buddy,” I said. “Now drop the running shorts.”

He slid them off and they joined his T-shirt on the couch. He was now only wearing fitted black stretch boxer briefs.

“Mm, nice bod,” I teased. “Is that a gun in your boxers or are you just happy to see me?”

I was just about to order him to take the boxers off when his willpower broke and he rushed me. I squealed with surprise and shot a spray of water all over his chest.

He grabbed the water pistol, threw it aside and threw me over his shoulders.

“You’re not much of an enemy, Black Widow,” he hit my butt with his hand. “So I’m going to punish you with my gun,” he teased and took the stairs to the bedroom.



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