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Hump Day Hunk with Carla Caruso

Denham Cobalt from Starcrossed:

Occupation: Marine biologist, currently on South Australia’s rugged Kangaroo Island for research purposes… or is he there for another reason entirely?

Tattoo: Scorpion on his neck – hello, sting in the tail!

Star-sign: Scorpio (which explains the above).

Scorpio traits: Moody, dark, very sexy, unique, secretive, passionate, charming, possessive, mysterious, deep, powerful, sarcastic, loyal, and vindictive.

According to Enkivillage, “While considered to be the best lovers, pulling out all of the stops of romance, Scorpio men hate just as passionately as they love… Scorpios have been known to hold a grudge and seek revenge.”

Scorpios in bed: says: “He likes kinky underwear and body oils especially with flavours. He likes [to] bite, lick… and [have] oral sex. His erogenous zone is his genitals.”

Doppelganger for: Actor Tom Hardy from Mad Max: Fury Road and This Means War.

Attracted to: Fledgling romance author Simona Gemella, who’s been dragged to a cosmic retreat on KI by her bestie while suffering writer’s block. Will Denham help alleviate her condition? 😉



Denham wiped his hands on a towel and slowly got to his feet, staring at Simona in a way that made her forget about the seagrass smell, and her knees quake. With a sudden move, he hooked a finger under her chin and tipped it back. She forgot how to breathe. ‘Simona, you’re a good person. I can see that, and I’ve only known you a few days. Don’t let one jerk bring you down.’

She gripped onto the bench for dear life, her heart jackhammering in her chest. ‘Oh … kay.’ His touch, his nearness, his take-charge masculinity — it was all too much. She could see every faint line on his forehead and every bristle of his stubble.

This time the crackle of electricity in the cramped space couldn’t be blamed on an incoming text. It was animalistic. Tangible. Ever so gently, he brushed a strand of hair from her face, and it was as though the world had tilted on its axis. Despite knowing how wrong it all was, how much she would regret things in the morning, she could feel herself being pulled into his vortex. Dark and deeply damaged as it was.

‘Simona?’ Denham’s voice was husky. ‘Would you mind if I—?’

He didn’t get a chance to finish. Wrenching at his hips, she widened her legs and pulled him in between. He didn’t resist, thank the stars above. His frame felt strong and muscular against her own; his unique, manly scent, intoxicating.

He made the next move. Dipping his head, he brushed his lips against hers. Ripe, moist lips. Their movement was gentle at first. Soft. Like velvet. She could taste his clean, sweet-smelling breath, taste him. Then his kisses became more urgent, passionate, his tongue prying her lips open to explore her mouth, causing shivers of delight to shoot down her spine.

It was everything she imagined. And feared.



Carla Caruso

Is love really written in the stars?

Fledgling romance author Simona Gemella is hoping the rugged wilderness of South Australia’s Kangaroo Island will help reignite her creative spark after her husband walked out on her (calling her a workaholic and filing for divorce).

She’s joined her best friend, Nessie, on a health and wellness retreat at a mysterious old manor on the island, run by an astrology guru.

Though Simona’s sworn off men, she can’t help being distracted by a darkly dangerous man with a scorpion tattoo – Denham Cobalt – who’s also staying at the manor. Then strange things start to happen, including uncanny accidents and even a possible murder.

It all culminates at a masquerade party on the night of a total lunar eclipse. Will Simona survive – with her heart intact?

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