REVIEW: Amy Andrews ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’



No More Mr Nice Guy
Amy Andrews

He’s done playing the nice guy…
Newly single school counselor Josie Butler just made herself a Sexy To-Do list (featuring Bad Boys only). To her mortification, her best friend’s gorgeous older brother Mack finds it…and laughs. But when Josie goes looking for some sexy fun, Mack’s nice guy side turns all hot bad-assery, and suddenly she’s pinned against an alley wall. Hottest. Sex. Ever.
Veterinarian Mack Kennedy can’t believe Josie wants to ditch her sweet, girl-next-door lifestyle. Even worse, that she’d consider doing it with anyone but him. When she leaves for London they’ll go back to being ‘just friends’ but until then, he’s going to show her just how bad nice guys can be.
And it’s the perfect plan, as long as no one finds out… and no one falls in love.

What AusRom Today thought:

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes an Amy Andrews book special—rather it’s the combination of her smooth flowing easy-to-read style, her relaxed Australian demeanour that transfers into her characters, and storylines that are never predictable and always entertaining. It’s those things plus so so much more.

The concept of a heroine writing and indulging in a sex list could very easily have become crass and tired but the way in which Andrews presents the story is anything but. Andrews’ use of the best-friends-big-brother trope was the perfect complement to this. The story is filled to the brim with laugh out loud moments, plenty of sexual chemistry and exploration (as you expect from Andrews), and quite possibly two of most genuine characters you could ever hope to read about.

No More Mr Nice Guy is a funny and endearing read. You will love Mack and Josie and their genuine care and affection for one another. It’s books like this that make reading the romance genre so much fun and is a reminder that we all need a little romance from time to time.

-J’aimee Brooker, AusRom Today.


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