HUMP DAY HUNK: Cassandra L Shaw

Ebook - Twin Flames 1200x1800 version


Hump Day Hunk with Cassandra L Shaw

Kaid Sinclair, Katoom’s Eli Clan Leader. Heartbreaker and heartbroken. He’s blond, has captivating Eli apple green and silver eyes and is all male and in love with a women who won’t talk to him.

Here’s my inspiration for Kaid.

Kaid’s Eli, a sub-species of human that came to Earth 500 years ago along with the Crea. The Eli have liquid silver in their veins. At times of high emotion or sexual excitement, the silver surfaces to their skin.  A tell they can’t hide and around Bliss, Kaid shines silver—a lot.

Kaid’s an Eli male with a vision for his Clan and his Clan’s future.  An Eli male who envisions decades of loneliness since no women he dates engages his heart because his heart was stolen by Bliss when she still wore diapers.

When his best friend is brutally murder and Bliss holds the only clue to the murderer Kaid’s protection mode hits the overdrive function key. Devastated he also takes the opportunity to pull Bliss back into his life, to try and show her what she means to him but he keeps mistaking her intent and smothering her in his alpha ways, further alienating her.


I took a fancy to Kaid as his true character came to me, but like most crushes, it went unreciprocated, and here’s why.

Kaid scratched his jaw. The strong impulse to protect her had, since this morning’s wakeup call, become overpowering. He put that down to today’s loss and his instinct to protect.

Yeah, what a delusional dick.

Her safety was priority because he fucking loved her. Easy. Simple.

Fucking hilarious.

And after fourteen years of being ignored by her—pathetic.



Here Bliss has opened her front door and he reacts to seeing her by giving her a good look over and acting a little too alpha.

A body belonging in porn magazines.

Or in Kaid’s bed.

“Have a good look?” Her arms locked on the door frame, forming a barrier. Wariness showed in the swirls in her eyes and the dusting of metal on her skin.

He moved toward her. “Not as much as I’d like.”


He’s inside now but Bliss is thinking of their murdered friend – Gene.

“He’d sit there to play guitar and sing.” Bliss sighed and viewed the tree stump as if she’d never seen it before. “Gene’s music was a true gift. I’ll miss it. Miss him.”

Silver searing his arteries, Kaid felt the words like a kick to his boys. Maybe he should start to freaking sing.


Here’s an excerpt that shows how he feels, something he normally hides from others: Dan is talking first, then Kaid.

 “You know he held back because he figured you still had a thing for her.”

“Did. Do. Pointless. Once I won Leader, it was instant hate on her behalf. Our old childhood friendship—” He clicked his fingers. “Evaporated. Her choice, her loss.”

His cost. Truth was he never understood why.

Dan pointed down the bar. “Hey, your favorite fellow Leader’s here, talking to that blonde bartender Bliss was chatting with.”

Zane. “Wonder if Zane’s here for the blonde?” A black cloud smothered his heart, or for Bliss. A low growl rumbled in Kaid’s chest. Man, he was such lovesick dick.



Twin Flames – Katoom series book 1
Cassandra L Shaw

She’s in grave danger, but she doesn’t want his protection…

After a long and bitter world-war for pure human supremacy, humans and two sub-species the Eli and Crea reside on Earth in an uneasy harmony. One morning on a jog, Bliss Jacobs finds a murdered fellow Eli. She scents the killer on the body, but other evidence is washed away by a savage storm, leaving Bliss as the sole witness and the target of an assassin—and forcing her back into the world of the man who shattered her heart.

He believes she is his destined mate, but he knows there are no second chances…

Kaid Sinclair is chasing more than his best friend’s murderer. He wants Bliss in his bed and in his life, but after their relationship went south several years ago, he knows he has to tread carefully. So how can he keep her safe, while still proving to her that they are destined to be mates, and he doesn’t just want to control her? All he wants is for her to be safe—but with a killer who sees her as Kaid bait, Kaid may have to choose…his life or hers?

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