FLASH GIVEAWAY: Belinda Williams’ ‘Modern Heart’

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FLASH GIVEAWAY: Belinda Williams’ Modern Heart

Tell us about the book:

Modern Heart is the story of tough girl, Scarlett Wong, a Creative Director at an advertising agency and also a talented artist. Scarlett doesn’t do relationships but is finding this increasingly difficult with good guy, John Hart, around. Definitely a case of opposites attract. He’s the reason Scarlett has been offered an exhibition in New York to exhibit her artwork. By the end of the book, Scarlett will have to face up to the reasons why she pushes everyone away and why she’s been reluctant pursue a career in art, which is what she’s truly passionate about. It will be a bumpy ride but there’s plenty of laughter, friendships and love to enjoy along the way.


What inspired this book?
It’s going to sound strange, but my son inspired this story! He started school a couple of years ago at what happens to be a very academic local school where some (and I say some, definitely not all) children are pushed to achieve from a young age. I don’t want to say too much because it’s Scarlett’s story to tell, but I wanted to explore the idea of how this could affect someone into adulthood.

I also worked in advertising earlier in my career, so I had fun weaving Scarlett’s career into the story.


Who are the main characters and why will we love them?
Scarlett Wong. I won’t lie. You’ll either love or hate her. She’s a bold character with lots of rough edges, but she’s incredibly interesting to get to know. If you like sarcasm and a character with a lot of sass, she won’t disappoint. And if you hang around long enough, you might get to see her softer side, which is a treat.

And John Hart. He’s already getting lovely reviews from book bloggers which is great because I’m totally besotted with him! He’s a good guy, through and through. He’s patient but persistent when it comes to Scarlett and I loved writing him because he’s so decent without being a pushover.

You’ll also get to hear from the other City Love girls Christa and Maddy, if you’ve been following their stories. Plus you’ll get to know Cate a bit better in this book too.


What’s coming up next for you?
Cate’s story, Wish List, will be released late May 2016. Cate’s sweet and romantic (all the things Scarlett’s not!) and I feel like she’s the ideal person to conclude the series. I’m really looking forward to sharing her happily ever after with readers because she totally deserves it!



Modern Heart
Belinda Williams

Limited time only: Dream career! Perfect man! The catch? Emotional availability.

Scarlett Wong has a reputation for toughness. A talented and often feared Creative Director at an award-winning Sydney advertising agency, she doesn’t do relationships, she doesn’t invite men home, and she never stays the night. The only people who see her softer side are her three closest girlfriends, and they’re finally convinced they’ve found her perfect man: John Hart.

Scarlett’s never been one to back down from a challenge and she’s not going to start now. But when John secures Scarlett an invitation from one of New York’s leading galleries to exhibit her artwork, it means putting herself out there like never before. Scarlett’s perfect man wouldn’t interfere in her life like this – would he?

For a woman who thinks she’s not scared of anything, Scarlett is about to discover she’s not as tough as she thinks. Will she take the chance to turn her secret passion into a career, risk the safety of her advertising career, and let John in? Or will old habits die that little bit too hard?

Perfect for fans of Rachel Gibson, Susan Mallery, Victoria Dahl, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

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