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So If I apply this menu to my new book, Second Chance Town, I would have to say I would spend a fair chunk on my male. So I’ll take a…

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$5, sigh worthy male lead
Hugh Thompson… Sighhhh. I don’t know where to start. Maybe it’s the sexy, black motor bike he rides into town on. There’s something about a leather jacket and a tinted helmet… is it a middle aged weekend warrior from Ulysses? or a dangerous outlaw of Sons of Anarchy fame?

You can’t tell. The helmet makes everyone look dangerous and sexy.

Or maybe it’s the mysterious past that Hugh is hiding from everyone that brings out the swoon. Or maybe it’s just when he says things like…

‘He’s right to be wary.’ He took another step closer to trace a finger along the side of her face and Lucy somehow forgot how to breathe. ‘Unlike Nate, I don’t intend to leave a shadow of a doubt about what my intentions are where you’re concerned.’

Lucy couldn’t have formed a coherent sentence if she’d tried, but there was no need, he leaned forward and seared her with a kiss that burned like a trail of fire straight through her body. Holy crap, the man can kiss, the thought registered somewhere in the back of her mind; everything else was obliterated. All that mattered was that he didn’t stop doing what he was doing . . . possibly ever.


I’d also like a $2 dizzying sexual chemistry
Dizzying/ embarrassing? Eh, Close enough… Poor Lucy, we’ve all been there, psych ourselves up in order to step out of our comfort zone and straight into … a room full of your boyfriends mates… awkies!

It was now or never, she thought, taking a breath. She stepped around him and headed inside. There was no turning back now. If she looked at him or even listened to him calling her, she’d lose what little nerve remained.

Just breathe. She’d finally gotten the knot undone when she came to an abrupt halt in the centre of the lounge room and looked up to see the three stunned faces of Jason, Terry the cook and the beer delivery guy gaping at her.

This wasn’t supposed to be happening. The delivery guy was leaning so far forward he was barely still sitting on the couch. Terry was so stunned that he dropped his beer can and the sound of tin rolling across the timber floorboards snapped everyone out of the stupefied trance they’d somehow fallen into. Lucy opened her mouth to scream, but all that came out was a pathetic mortified gasp of horror as she frantically pulled the coat closed and turned to hurry from the room.


And for dessert, I’ll take a $3 Conflict that forces personal growth…
This is probably the most accurate thing on the menu in relation to Second Chance Town. Personal growth that stems from facing your own personal demons and the ability to come out the other side a better person. I think sums up this book and the character’s journeys that we follow throughout the story.



Second Chance Town
Karly Lane

The town of Bundah is dying, with many of its young people fleeing for jobs in the city. A desperate plan to revive Bundah’s fortunes – with generous incentives to attract new businesses – results in a flood of people coming to the town to set up shop.

As Bundah begins to come to life with the new arrivals a spate of teenage drug overdoses starts to divide the locals. Many are convinced the narcotics trade has been brought to town by one of the newcomers. It doesn’t help that the mysterious new owner of one of the local pubs has a dark past.

Lucy Parker is a single mother doing her best to support her teenage daughter, Belle, through her last year of high school. It’s long been Belle’s dream to go to university, so when she starts to turn wayward, hanging out with the wrong kids and experimenting with alcohol and possibly drugs, her mother is deeply troubled.

The very last thing Lucy needs is for a man like Hugh Thompson to mess with her heart and disrupt her life. However, it seems fate has other ideas…

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