REVIEW: Kerrie Paterson’s ‘Return to Jacaranda Avenue’



Return to Jacaranda Avenue
Kerrie Paterson

A pastry chef returns to her roots and discovers that the flavour of first love improves with age.

Twenty-five years ago, Polly and Matt were in love—but their relationship came to a traumatic end following the death of her best friend.

Now Polly Chappell has moved back to her home town to open a patisserie and care for her elderly parents, and the last person she wants to see is Matt Enright. Until she actually sees him, that is…

Their attraction turns out to be stronger than ever, but both have their reasons to resist rekindling their romance—until someone attempts to run Polly out of town with escalating threats and vandalism, and Matt’s protective instincts surface.

Will the secret she keeps bring them together—or get them killed?

Escape Publishing


AusRom Today review

Everyone has a few skeletons in their closet none moreso than Polly Chappell who has returned to her hometown after leaving  under difficult circumstances decades earlier. Polly’s return and subsequent opening of a patisserie business is overshadowed by her past and as expected in a small town it isn’t long before she in reunited with her childhood boyfriend, Matt Enright.

Their relationship is well developed. Their initial chemistry is evident yet their restraint in rekindling their relationship is also on show. We have two people who were once madly in love (arguably they never stopped!) but life experiences and a broken marriage each sees them bring baggage to the mix. They do overcome this however and in doing so, Patterson gives readers an entirely enjoyable sweet romance.





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