Build Us Your Ideal Story with Simone Angela

Simone Angela


Build Us Your Ideal Story with Simone Angela

Emotionally charged love affair ($1)
I think a story that’s packed with emotion as the hero and heroine embark on a path to love really engages a reader and makes them want more.

Happily Ever After ($5)
I’m sure this has to be a very common menu choice! Who doesn’t love a happy ending? You’ve become so invested in the characters and want to spur them on to their happy ending and when it happens you go ‘ah…’, it’s a satisfying conclusion to a story that would often be paved with adversity and challenges.

I’d spend $5 on a Happily Ever After. I’ve just written a sweet romance, The Ghost of his Past, part of the Bindarra Creek series, and I loved my hero’s lightbulb moment when he realised he couldn’t go another day without telling my heroine he loves her. He overcame the emotional trauma of his past to allow himself to love again, and he doesn’t hold back.

Oooh only $4 left! The $4 list looks very tempting, but I want to have more choices because they are so good. So let’s go with:

‘Erotic, no-holds-barred sex ($2)
I think it’s exciting to read and write about sex! In August 2015 I put up on-line on Amazon an erotica short story called ‘Lust to the Night’, published under my pseudonym of Kariss Stone. Further information included at the end of this.

And finally:

A take-charge hero ($2)
What this is only $2? Wow. What woman doesn’t want to read about a man who is strong, confident (but not unappealingly arrogant), knows what he wants and goes about to get it?


I’m part of a wonderful writing venture (The Bindarra Creek series) which is a project where 13 authors write 13 books over 13 months, stories all centred around a fictional Australian Country Town called ‘Bindarra Creek’.

My story The Ghost of his Past is book number 11 in the series.


The Ghost of his Past
Simone Angela

When you’re haunted by a dark past, can you ever find the light?

Architect Mark Bradford escaped to the country town of Bindarra Creek with his seven year old daughter, far from his ex-fiancée who six years earlier tried to kill him and their baby girl. When Frenchwoman Brigitte de Rosier arrives as Mark’s live-in nanny, Mark’s world is turned upside down. All those painful memories he thought buried long ago, resurface.

Brigitte came to Bindarra Creek to spend time with her uncle. She never expected to be drawn to her remote, new boss and his lonely daughter, and wants to bring some light into their shadowy lives.

But Mark is over-protective and doesn’t agree with her belief in giving the little girl some freedom. How can she teach him to loosen the reigns with his daughter, defeat the ghost of his past and give love another chance? And how can she overcome the fact she resembles the woman who tried to destroy him and his little girl?

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