No Law



Thank you J’aimee for having me here today. Hello, everyone I’m Camille Taylor and I write romantic suspense novels. Build Us Your Ideal Story sounded like so much fun I couldn’t wait to dive in and spend my money.

$5 – Happily Ever After
I’ve never been overly great with my money, so I’m going to start by spending $5 on a HEA. I’m a complete sap. I love happy endings so you’ll always find one in my books, like in No Law, my recent release. At 24, Carey Madigan is made a widow and locks herself away emotionally not able to bear the pain of more loss. To achieve her HEA, she must overcome her fears and have the courage to love again and believe this time will be forever.

$2 – Dizzying sexual chemistry
Meet Dmitry Ivanov, a gorgeous specimen that screams ‘tall, dark and handsome’. When Carey witnesses her boss’s murder, she seeks out old friend, Elena and instead finds Dmitry, her frozen body coming alive. Terrified of him, both to her person and her hormones, she leaves never knowing he is Elena’s brother.

$2 – Take-charge hero
Having nowhere else to turn, Carey shows up at Elena’s house, desperate and afraid. Dmitry is determined to help her whether she wants him to or not. He has special skills – and he’s not talking about his bedroom ones.

$1 – Unbreakable connection between lovers
From the moment Carey and Dmitry meet, the attraction is clear and heated, culminating in that final moment. As time runs out and the stakes are raised, their connection remains firm in the face of danger when all could be lost.



No Law
Camille Taylor

Carey Madigan thought she was finally putting her horrible past behind her, no longer looking behind her or jumping at shadows until her boss at the museum she works is murdered. She quickly becomes the prime suspect when the police discover that her husband, a major player in the antiquities world, had been murdered too, in Russia where she had lived years before.

She has nowhere to run when she finds herself being pursued by a faction of the Russian Mafia. She’s seen their faces and now must be silenced. Frightened, she turns to old friend, Elena Gates for help.

Dmitry Ivanov doesn’t believe Carey’s wild story at first but quickly changes his mind. Not only is he attracted to her, but his sister’s friend is beautiful and intrigues him. He offers his specialised computer services to help her uncover why her boss was murdered and to put a stop to the men responsible before it’s too late.

The stakes become high and lives are threatened. Together they uncover a trail that leads them to the discovery of the century and must fight to keep it – and themselves – safe.

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