Build Us Your Ideal Story with Isabella Hargreaves

Isabella Hargreaves

Build Us Your Ideal Story with Isabella Hargreaves

Unbreakable connections between lovers ($1) is definitely a theme I enjoy. When there are so many people lined up against a couple’s love, it must be strong to survive, let alone thrive. How many couples do you know who say, “They said we wouldn’t last” as they celebrate their 25th + wedding anniversary? I certainly know a few. In the Regency period, the setting for my Forbidden Valentines short stories, there were many people off-limits to the daughters of wealthy or titled gentlemen. I explore a few of these forbidden loves. The heroines get their happy-ever-after ($5) but not before they fight for their loves against powerful family members and Society’s dictates. Only then can they experience the sweet, sensual lovemaking ($2) I want all my characters to enjoy. As I like short stories to have surprise, unexpected endings ($2) I’ve included one of those as well! Well, that’s a perfect story for me, in a nutshell. Is this type of tale your cup of tea?



Forbidden Valentines
Isabella Hargreaves

Three spicy and heart-warming Regency stories of forbidden love that breaks the rules.

‘Gideon’: Caroline Medworth finds her long lost Valentine, but can she keep him?

‘Gabriel’: If Lady Louisa chooses independence, will her mystery Valentine ever be revealed?

‘George’: Viscount Carthoy has a forbidden, hidden love.

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  1. isabellahargreavesauthor // June 23, 2016 at 5:48 pm // Reply

    Thank you, J’aimee!

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