Meet the Author with Darcy Delany

Darcy Delaney


Meet the Author with Darcy Delany

Describe yourself in one word

Tell us about I Don’t Date in December
I Don’t Date in December is about consultant Blaise Lee, who has put her love life on hold in December. But when she meets handsome army Captain Jonty Lucca, she is in a quandary: should she follow her head, which tells her it will only end in disaster, or should she follow her heart, which tells her Jonty might be the right man for her?

What inspired this novel?
December is always a crazy month for me, work commitments spin out of control and any plans I make are hastily rescheduled! I pondered how that might affect a person’s willingness to date, and voila! The book was born.

What are you reading right now?
I’m reading two—the only way to get through my ‘to be read’ pile! The first is The Druid’s Sword by Sara Douglass, a paranormal historical romance where the characters are enmeshed in an evil supernatural game responsible for historical disasters such as World War II and the Great Fire of London. It is a grand saga that spans centuries, and is written with a skill and intricacy that I can only hope to emulate one day.

I am also reading The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson; a fun read about an African girl who turns disasters to her advantage, and outwits many a man who thinks she’s benign because of her sex and class. There are some interesting relationships in the story, including an angry young woman who has a hankering to be arrested and her boyfriend, who is determined to eliminate the King of Sweden. Jonasson writes with a dry wit and humour that makes me laugh out loud every page!

Number one thing to do on your bucket list?
Visit Israel. I wrote a historical romance set in the Middle Ages, and I would love to see the places the crusaders visited.

What you want readers to know about the romance genre?
Life doesn’t come with a relationship manual, and there are plenty of self-help books that can help you navigate the waters of human relationships. But who wants to read a dry self-help book when you can read a romance book and learn the same lessons with some fun thrown in? If you want to learn about life, read romance.

What have you got in store for your readers in 2016?
Book Two of the Modern Day Fairy Tale Series will be out by Christmas. It’s called The Go-Between and is a story about a harried public servant, Amalie Duckworth, who finds her mojo after being fired by her glamorous, snake-like boss. She starts a business and falls for her first client, but it’s not all smooth sailing!



I Don’t Date in December
Darcy Delany

Successful Sydney-based consultant Blaise Lee is on the cusp of securing a partnership and a coveted office with harbour views. But it comes at a price.

It means she can’t date in December. Any time she tries, work interferes and men drift away like the memory of a bad Christmas present.

When Blaise is sent on a last minute business trip to Cairns in December, she meets Jonty Lucca. Tall, dark hair, rippling muscles and a smattering of stubble, Jonty is the sort of man she’d date in a heartbeat—if it wasn’t December.

Army Captain Jonty Lucca has just secured a dream job with the Australian SAS. His itinerant army lifestyle has played havoc with his relationships before, so he’s not looking for a girlfriend before he posts out to Perth.

But when he meets Blaise he falls under the spell of L’incantesimo. The enchantment. And he’s not about to let Blaise walk out of his life, regardless of her rule about not dating in December.




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