Build Us Your Ideal Story with Rachael Johns


Build Us Your Ideal Story with Rachael Johns

I’m hopeless with a menu and this feels exactly like when I’m sitting in a restaurant with friends and have no idea what to pick. I always ending up wishing I’d picked what someone else did. What do you mean I can’t have EVERY dish on the menu?

But here goes, I’ll give this a shot in relation to my latest book, A DOG AND A DIAMOND (known down under as IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S HER) and out now in the US, UK and Aus/NZ!

$5 Passionate, albeit temporary lust

Or rather what my hero and heroine THINK is temporary. My leading lady, Chelsea Porter is so bad at relationships that she’s made a career out of breaking up with other people’s boyfriends/girlfriends for them. Due to her traumatic childhood (isn’t it ALWAYS our parents’ fault), she has commitment hang-ups and so no matter how much she likes a guy to start with, she’s realistic and knows the passion will fade and the shine wear off after a couple of months tops. But that’s NOT what happens when she hooks up with Callum McKinnel. I love books where the hero and heroine are SO sure they’re not gonna fall in love with each other. Yeah, right!

Callum knew two seconds after he lost himself inside of Chelsea that once was never going to be enough. He just wasn’t sure how to broach the subject of wanting more –  he’d meant it when he said he wasn’t in the market for a relationship right now. Everything he  had to give needed to go into reviving the business and he wasn’t about to neglect another woman the way he had Bailey. Then again, Chelsea had been the one to suggest only one night – she’d made it perfectly clear that’s all she wanted from him – so maybe she’d be amenable to just a little bit more.




$2 Dizzying sexual chemistry

Because without dizzying sexual chemistry, what, I ask you, is the point of a romance? Whether it’s a saucy steamy read or the hero and heroine close the bedroom door on the reader, I still need to feel that sparks will fly when these two do the horizontal mambo. It needs to be clear that they are totally hot for each other and that there is no other person as sexually or emotionally compatible, so that once they get past whatever conflict is keeping them apart, I truly believe they’ll have a satisfying happy-ever-after.

It was official. Chelsea needed her head read. So much for one night, so much for not getting involved with Callum McKinnel. Fate be cursed for throwing them into each other’s paths again. How the hell could she say no to that delicious face asking if she wanted to hang out with him? How could she keep any kind of clear head when he was kissing her like the world would end if he stopped?

Summoning all the willpower she had, she grabbed on to the single cell of commons sense in her body and palmed her hands against his lovely, solid chest. “Someone might see us,” she hissed, trying to summon some kind of care factor when all she could think about was kissing him again. And then some.

Callum pouted as he looked down at her. He was very sexy when he smiled, but damn near irresistible when he scowled.


$2 Emotional connection to the characters

At the very core I believe most of us just want to be loved, and Chelsea Porter and Callum McKinnel aren’t any different, it’s just that for different reasons, they aren’t sure whether they deserve to be loved. I think it is this vulnerability that helps us relate to characters and has us cheering for their dreams to come true.

He’d been starting to think this was something real, something more than just sex between him and Chelsea, but the moment he took a step toward commitment, she’d all but thrown it in his face.  He stared at the closed door for a few more moments, dithering about storming right back inside and kissing some sense into her, but she’d made her feelings perfectly clear…. He’d sliced open his heart and bared his soul talking about his family and  his hopes and dreams, but now he realized Chelsea had been very reticent about sharing much about herself. That showed exactly how she felt about their liaison. For a guy who hadn’t thought he wanted a relationship right now, her rejection cut deep.



It’s Not You, It’s Her
Rachael Johns

How to break up with someone else’s fiancé by Chelsea Porter, aka The Breakup Girl

Tell him it’s not him, it’s her.
Try to ignore how gorgeous Callum McKinnel is.
You are breaking up with him, after all.
Fall just a little bit when he rescues your dog.
Try to resist when he asks you to join his family for Thanksgiving dinner in Jewell Rock.
Succumb anyway.
Succumb to a lot more than that.
Remind yourself that you are The Breakup Girl. You don’t do commitment.

Wonder what would happen if The Breakup Girl stopped following her own advice…

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