Thanks for having me! Can I stick to your $10 budget with my debut novel, Something I Need, book #1 in my xoxo Nashville series? We shall see.


First, I’ll take $5 relatable, likeable female lead. Or maybe I should go with sigh-worthy male lead…no, let’s go with female lead.

I desperately wanted to write a book with a strong and smart female lead. Jonte wants to be Nashville’s next big country star, and she’s not letting her overbearing mother or the fact that she lives in Australia get in her way. Our loveable heroine hops a plane to Nashville only to discover that despite all of her meticulous planning, she’s now unexpectedly homeless.

This was just a blip, an itty-bitty blip. Okay, maybe it was more than a blip, but she couldn’t let it deter her. She was here for one reason: to make it big. Someday soon she was going to be singing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Her lyrics would make people smile, make them feel, make them think “I know exactly what she was thinking when she wrote that.” That was her dream.


Next up, let’s add some $2 dizzying sexual chemistry.

Jonte regroups in the bar across the street and meets no-nonsense, country music hating bartender, Cash.

“What’ll it be?” 

Jonte looked up to find the owner of the slow, thick drawl: a bartender with ridiculously white teeth, offset by dark sexy stubble along his jawline and cheeks. Her eyes wandered up and stopped at his green eyes.


Those were some eyes.



Eyes that would surely make women say yes to anything he asked.

Just three words had her heartbeat racing, singing like a canary on crack.


In his head, Cash dubs Jonte Little Miss Drama and vows to stay away. Of course that’s never going to happen.

Jonte and Cash’s lives become entangled thanks to Cash’s meddling twin sister, Dolly. I love Dolly. She’s oh-so-cheeky and the heroine of book #2. If I were building her story here today, I’d have to buy the $4 saucy love triangle option. Back to Cash and Jonte – add some baby blue cowgirl boots and a few shots of tequila, and these two are finally giving in to their set-fire-to-the-bar chemistry. They’re about to do some very naughty things on Cash’s pool table…or are they? Eek – do I have enough money to give you some sex?

“I don’t do anything fun,” Jonte said, practically pouting, her nose all scrunched up, her perfect lips smooshed together.

“You don’t?” Crap. That wasn’t what he was supposed to say. He was supposed to ignore her ramblings and the please-do-naughty-things-to-me look in her eyes. He was supposed to drag her half-drunk ass up the stairs, get on his bike, and go home. Alone.


Let’s top their story off with $3 conflict that forces personal growth.

Poor Cash, he’s falling for a woman who loves the one thing he hates. He’s been so desperate to avoid country music in the honky tonk capital of the world he calls home, he built himself a sanctuary – his rock-only themed bar. But our hero is about to learn you can’t hide from your demons forever.

Will these two get their happily ever after? Oops, I’m out of funds so I can’t tell you 😉



Something I Need is available now on Amazon at the special price of $0.99 for a limited time only!

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Love Lena xoxo



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