Build Us Your Ideal Story with Louisa Loder



Build Us Your Ideal Story with Louisa Loder

I hate to say it, but I’m the kinda gal who always orders the exact same thing everywhere I go. I have my favourite restaurants where I get my favourite meals – and guess what? I leave happy every time. So with that in mind, here’s my ideal story – built with the tried-and-true story elements I use again and again. Bon appetit!


$5 Relatable, likeable female lead
An essential ingredient for any story, in my opinion. I write what I’d like to read, and there’s nothing better than reading a story where the female lead takes me on her journey with her. My lead in my new release, Love on the Rocks, is a sassy no-nonsense event planner who decides to take an adventure in the mysterious world of speed dating… even though she’s married.


$2 dizzying sexual chemistry
Sexual tension is one of the main reasons we love reading romance, am I right? There’s something so delicious about feeling those butterflies right along with the main characters, and experiencing the thrill of that connection vicariously. But when those butterflies start to fly in a frenzy, and light flirtation becomes more than a passing fancy? Yum. In Love on the Rocks, Kate’s love interest Roman certainly gives her a run for her money in that department.

Kate finally felt as though she had the upper hand. No matter how sexy his moody eyes were when they fixed themselves on her, there was no way she would be bested by a guy called Roman.

‘I’d say it’s a pleasure to meet you,’ she smiled sweetly, ‘but I’m a terrible liar.’

He reached out to grab his glass. ‘You might be wrong,’ he warned her.

She looked at him dubiously. ‘About?’

That roguish gleam returned to his eyes. ‘About it not being a pleasure to meet me.’

He chose that moment to lift his glass to his lips, smothering the sly smile that had given away his amusement at his cheeky line. Kate kept her eyes on his as he sipped, until his glance became more heated than teasing.


$1 Emotionally charged love affair
Okay. So. Sex is all well and good, and feeling that rush is one of the incredible perks of being human. But for me, a romance story needs to go deeper than that. I feel like a strong emotional connection between the characters I write is the cake, and sizzling sex is the icing. Love on the Rocks brings this in spades, with Kate and Roman’s insecurities, sarcasm and confidence underpinning their deeply emotional connection.


$2 A surprise, unexpected ending
For me, a story’s ending is super important. It’s the part that makes or breaks a tale, and is often the message that stays with you long after other words of a narrative have faded. I love plot twists, and have to say that Love on the Rocks comes with a corker – but the first rule of Fight Club… 😉


Love on the Rocks is available now from

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