REVIEW: Pamela Hart’s ‘A Letter From Italy’



A Letter from Italy
Pamela Hart

Ok, word of warning: do not expect to get anything done while reading this book. Trust me, once you open this book, the real world slips away and nothing is more important than returning to Rebecca Quinn’s story. If you do ignore my warning (and please, I strongly recommend that you do!) you’re in for an absolute treat.

It must be noted that A Letter from Italy is inspired by the world’s first female war correspondent, Australia’s Louise Mack whose life-story is certainly worth perusing.

Hart has brilliantly captured the WWI setting presenting it with an urgency that offered a reliable and steady pacing for the story. Furthermore, Hart’s presentation of heroine Rebecca’s difficulties during a time when women simply didn’t have the benefit of basic rights was an important and well-explored aspect of the story. Overall, the development and manner in which Hart delivers the characters, romance, and emotions is beautifully nuanced and added an exceptional level of depth to the story.

Hart dedicated this novel to her Aunty Pauline who she says, “showed us what an independent woman could do” which is a lovely sentiment. Similarly, Hart herself through the strength and compelling nature of her storytelling is doing exactly that for the scores of men and women who will read her novels.

This is a must-read story from one of Australia’s finest storytellers.



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