REVIEW: Sue Woolfe’s ‘Do You Love Me or What?’



Do You Love Me or What?
Sue Woolfe

A brilliant collection of short stories by the bestselling, award-winning author of Leaning Towards Infinity, Painted Woman and The Secret Cure

Do You Love Me or What? is a collection of eight sparkling, nuanced short stories from one of Australia’s most celebrated and loved writers. Written in elegant, shimmering prose, Sue’s stories are woven with themes encompassing love, loss and yearning, memory and identity, the desert and water, and people who live on the periphery of society. Her sentences are spare and evocative, yet paint fully realised pictures that speak of the poignant, shared experiences of the nature of relationships, past and present.

Simon and Schuster


AusRom Today review:
Sue Woolfe’s Do You Love Me or What? is a collection of eight superbly written short stories told in varying yet almost poetic tones.

Woolfe’s title story, Do You Love Me or What, is bone-achingly haunting; a tale of risk, lost love, and desperation. In 23 pages, Woolfe gives the reader a cast of characters who are perfectly presented and developed, nuanced, and complete. The story is rich in detail with no aspect of the plot left unexplored or wanting.

Woolfe’s writing is spectacular; her use of language is evocative and exceptionally easy to get lost in. Each and every word serves a purpose and though presented with exceptional delicacy there’s no doubt as to the depth of deliberateness in each word choice. In addition, there is a certain lilt to Woolfe’s prose that further assists the reader to become truly encapsulated in the story.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is a beautiful, truly remarkable read.

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