Tell Us Your Backstory with Sayara St. Clair


Tell Us Your Backstory with Sayara St. Clair

If long ago, someone told me that a future description of myself would be: Erotic-romance-writing Aussie expat, living in Thailand, I would have snort laughed and yelled, “You. Be. Crazy!”

So how on Earth did I get here?

My reading journey began with a Golden Book about a kitten called “Surpriss” who was hiding in a box. Turns out, the kitten was a Surprise birthday present. Which explains all the hanging about in a box and being mysterious. But thanks to that book, a small, albeit slightly confused bookworm was born.

During my high school years, I fell in love with Mr. Rochester—terrible flaws, questionable morals and all. I subsequently spent a great deal of time in the era where people took tea, wore breeches and clasped each other wildly in drawing rooms.

After obtaining a Science degree, I worked in the fields of serology and skin banking. And somewhere in the midst of publishing in scientific journals, writing copious quality procedures, and falling asleep on my banana lounge with half-read journals articles stuck to my face, I discovered Anne Rice’s books. I was so hooked. I devoured those novels and barely spoke for weeks. That was the point where I said to myself, “One day—when I have time—I’m going to write a book.”

Later, I did a stint in the retail industry, where I spent a lot of time writing ads for TV, print and radio. Then about eight years ago, we moved to Thailand for my husband’s work. I did a TEFL course and taught English for a while. I resigned after deciding a roomful of extremely loud, pint-sized humans, was not a place I especially wanted to be.

When I realized I finally had time, I ran for my notebook and pencil. A few days later, I’d plotted my first novel. By the time I’d started submitting to agents, they’d all been “Twilight-ed” and were suffering from vampire fatigue. I even saw submission guidelines stating, “No Vampires Please.” As if there could ever be too many vampires in this world! I then began working on my erotic romance series. When I signed a three-book contract with a publisher, there were vigorous happy dances. But the week of my book release, I found out my publisher was in serious trouble. What followed, were two, frustrating, creativity-sapping years. Let’s just say, in future I’ll be wary of signing contracts unless there’s a clause giving the author recourse when the publisher refuses to pay what the author is owed. During that time, I did some copywriting. I wrote a screenplay. And when I finally received my rights back, I dusted off my creative writing mojo (who’d been whimpering in the corner) and started again. I’m self-publishing now. I’ve released the first two books in the series, and I’m currently working on the third. My gorgeous vampire, who’s recently begun knocking on his coffin lid, will also be making his debut shortly.

While writing this piece, I received a beautiful message from one of my readers. She said, “I just finished the book and I just want to say thank you for writing it, I loved it!! You wrote it so well, I could hardly put it down. I both laughed and cried and books that can do that are my favorite kind of books.” I cannot describe how happy this makes me. If my readers can experience the same feeling I get while reading the books I love, then even though I went round the long way to get here, I know I’m in the right place. I believe that what I’m doing is something good. And something worthwhile.



Yearn For You  (Dante’s Purgatory, Book 2)
Sayara St. Clair

Dante has been Erica’s savior since she was a child, protecting her from others, wiping her tears, making her feel worthy. Until, as the years passed, she began to feel something new…and a girl’s crush became a young woman’s unyielding passion. Though she ran away to Paris after Dante unknowingly broke her heart, even distance couldn’t quell Erica’s desire. Because she knows Dante well, knows what he’s capable of doing for a woman…and knows her submissive needs match Dante’s deep dominance perfectly.

Dante’s in trouble. For years he’s kept his burning ache for his best friend’s sister firmly in check. But now Erica’s back in the States, more gorgeous than ever. Worse, she wants to learn about BDSM—and she’s determined to have Dante as a teacher. He won’t let her near the club he co-owns with her brother—Chris would kill him—but he’ll “train” her at home. When he’s done, Erica will want nothing to do with the lifestyle. And hopefully her crush on Dante will be diminished…for both their sakes.

But Erica proves to be far more resilient that he’d ever dreamed, and Dante’s plan backfires in spectacular fashion, driving her straight into the clutches of someone far worse than another Dom. Someone dangerous, someone from his past…who’s going to make Erica pay for Dante’s sins.




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  1. Thank you so much, J’aimee, for hosting me on AusRom Today. Best regards, Sayara.

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