Tell Us Your Backstory with Carla Caruso


Tell Us Your Backstory with Carla Caruso

Once upon a time, before I was married, I was a freelance journalist for a bridal magazine.

Funnily, though, I was never one of those girls who dreamt about marriage, the baby carriage and the whole bit. I was more career-driven and just assumed that those things would magically fall into place when the time was right. Kind of like getting your driver’s licence or first job!

Still, as a ‘wog’ kid, I used to attend a big fat (Italian) wedding every other weekend. So you’d assume I’d know everything there was to know about bonbonnieres, bridal gowns and best men, right?

Uh, not so much. Clearly I’d been too busy making my way through the traditional six-or-so courses to pay much attention to what was going on.

It was baptism by fire interviewing endless bridal couples (okay, brides mostly) about the intricacies of staging such an event. In fact, it made me exhausted just listening to the lengths some went to. It almost sounded like a second job. Who had the energy?

Little wonder that when I got married myself (to an Aussie!), we bucked Italian tradition by only inviting an intimate sixty guests (neither of us like the spotlight), I wore an off-the-rack gown, and we staged it in a few whirlwind months before moving interstate.

Carla’s real-life wedding day

More irony, though … When my husband and I met, he was a news photographer, but he’s also now gone freelance and often shoots couple’s Big Days.

Which is how I’ve come full circle and written a romance ebook surrounding … you guessed it …  WEDDINGS!

All right, I was a little inspired by the hubs to write Run for the Hills, out with Escape Publishing on May 25. (Though he’s not the hero, I swear!) Some of James’s peers were thinking of teaming up in a wedding photography business and somehow the story idea of triplet brothers, running such a venture, crept into my head. (Maybe because I have twin sons, and triplets is the next level, right?)  Then I thought who would be the best person to work for the new business? A runaway socialite bride no less!

While I wasn’t a runaway bride myself, nor did I exactly elope, sometimes I do regret not having the big white wedding. After all, it’s something you only plan to do once. But at least I could have fun coming up with weird and wonderful weddings for the triplets and runaway bride to get involved in. And I hope readers will have fun following their journey too 😉



Run for the Hills
Carla Caruso

The Belshaw brothers are back in Balkissoch…

Bridie Porter is wearing her Vera Wang gown and veil in the back of her wedding limo when she receives a compromising text about her hotelier groom. Panicked, she tells the driver to keep going and she flees from Melbourne to the small town of Balkissoch in the Adelaide Hills.

It’s the perfect pit-stop to hide from her ex and the press and to earn enough cash to stay out of sight. Unfortunately, the admin job she gets is for a wedding photography business and she’s had her fill of weddings lately. But it’s slim pickings on the work front in a town so teeny. And her new boss is strangely compelling…

After the rush and adrenaline of his job as an LA paparazzo, the last place Cody Belshaw wants to be is back in the small town where he grew up. But thanks to a clause in his father’s will that amounts to blackmail, Cody and his two brothers are stuck running a wedding business for at least a month. If there’s one thing that he’s learned in LA, however, it’s to keep business and pleasure very, very separate. Which makes his new admin employee the definition of temptation.

Bridie is desperate to stay anonymous. Cody seeks out secrets for a living. As they delve into the world of brides, boutonnières and dogs-as-best-men, both Cody and Bridie will have to decide if this is a fling…or forever.

Escape Publishing



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