Build Us Your Ideal Story with Cate Ellink


Build Us Your Ideal Story – Cate Ellink

I don’t plan any of my stories, so building a story is a new experience for me. Let’s see how it goes.



$2 Erotic, no-holds-barred sex
As Cate Ellink, this is my thing. I grew up in a conservative, religious family where sex wasn’t comfortably spoken about, if at all. I then went on to study science, including biology, where sex is quite matter-of-fact. There are so many things I wish I knew and understood when I was younger, so I made a conscious decision to write as explicitly as possible to ensure that a reader, possibly a naïve one like I was when I was younger, might learn something about sex, or at least become more comfortable about sex. It’s also a chance to push my boundaries so I learn to be more adventurous with my writing, my sex scenes, my characters and my stories. I also have to push myself out of my conservative nature, because once I write these things, I then have to allow them out for public distribution and comment—that can be quite terrifying. Each new book has pushed me further and further from my comfort zone, with the type of no-holds-barred sex I’ve included in the stories and also the character dynamics in those stories.

$3 Conflict that forces personal growth
Much of my own personal growth has come from conflict—internal, external or between people I know and/or love. I think I need to make mistakes (sometimes spectacular disasters) to learn because I don’t seem to learn the easy way (by watching others). Having said this, I’m also non-confrontational, so I avoid conflict as it makes me ill. In my writing, I struggle to have characters who are combative or truly at odds with one another—I don’t know how to deal with those things. I want conflicts to be more internal or subtle. One day I’ll be able to make a hugely conflict-ridden story/character, but I’ll need to build up to that!

$4 Saucy love triangle
I’ve written a few ‘couples’ stories and I thought I needed to push my boundaries a bit further. I had an idea for a threesome but I was worried about writing it, or rather releasing it! A few writing mates were encouraging and so I went for it. Balancing a love triangle took a lot of rewriting and thinking for me. I wanted a real triangle that had a hope of lasting the distance. I didn’t want a triangle where someone was going to miss out. So, I wrote Team Player, and tried to balance a triangle where the individual characters had different stories/backgrounds. Hannah and Charlie had ‘hooked up’ at times over years of working together, yet now Charlie and Lyle were in a committed relationship. To have this threesome work, as I wanted it to, I needed Hannah and Lyle to develop some bond without disrupting either of the other relationships, at the same time strengthening the threesome. It was an interesting exploration and I thoroughly enjoyed thinking about such an involved relationship. (I know this probably isn’t the triangle you imagined here!)



Team Player
Cate Ellink

She’s never been shy about what she wants – and now she wants them both…

Hannah Maynard, sports reporter, is sure it’s only her lust-filled fantasies linking Australian rugby league captain, Charlie Maxxin, with relative newcomer, Lyle Smythe-Jones. She and Charlie have shared quite a few steamy sessions over the years, so surely he’s not in a relationship with the young, unflappable player she’s dubbed Marble Boy?

Hannah lures Charlie to dinner and his reaction is all the answer she needs. But she doesn’t want to report on the biggest secret in Australian sport – she wants to take part. However, it’s not just Charlie’s decision and it can’t be just casual. If Hannah wants in, she has to be all in, with Lyle, with Charlie, and with the hottest action any of them have ever experienced.

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