Author of the Month: Tricia Stringer


Author of the Month: Tricia Stringer

This month our wonderful Author of the Month, Tricia Stringer, takes us on a tour of her desk and writing space! Welcome, Tricia…


Writing from home takes work and discipline. As I’m a born procrastinator this does not come easy to me. I have several ‘writing desks’ or work spaces so I thought I’d share a little of each with you.

The base station is my study, most writing takes place here – or not. It is four steps from the kitchen and the coffee machine. This is a purpose-built study, with lots of bookshelves and a good desk space. My book posters and my perpetual planner decorate the walls, I have lots of inspirational quotes displayed and my writing tools at my fingertips.

It’s a sunny room overlooking the garden. I take up most of the space but it also has a small desk for my husband, which he uses it as a shelf to pile things on, and a sofa bed so the room can be an extra bedroom if the family are all home. This sofa has become the bed of choice for my four-legged helpers and they can often be found here in various poses – lending me support of course.

On my desk is my computer, a ‘to do’ note pad, my current manuscript notebook, lots of pens, family photos and a coaster housing whatever beverage I have on the go. The coaster has my favourite saying on it – ‘Do what makes your heart sing.’ Writing certainly does that for me.

Overlooking my desk is my Ruby award, won for ‘Queen of the Road’ from Romance Writers Australia, along with a photo of my family, a funny type writer model that took my fancy, assorted bits and bobs and a Cornish piskey. The Cornish mined copper in my region and their influence is still strong here. We celebrate with a festival (Kernewek Lowender) every two years and I became fascinated with the little people of Cornish folklore. The piskey is my favourite and especially this one with his mischievous smile.

I have a laptop and an ipad which means my writing can be portable. Sometimes I move to the dining room table. This is often where I edit. It’s especially good in the winter where the space is filled with lovely sunshine. Most days I walk on the beach, so it’s my extended office, a wonderful place to ponder the story and let the characters loose.

And sometimes I leave home altogether. Each year I go to the Flinders Ranges in the north of South Australia for one or two writing retreats. This is where my historical series was hatched, researched and partly written. We stay on a friend’s station in the shearers’ quarters and there’s no internet. Perfect for Ms Procrastinator here. There’s a big living room with windows looking towards the ranges and when it’s cold the fire’s always going.

My husband and I took our first long road trip last year and because I was away from home for so long the caravan and the car were often my desk space. Editing in the middle of nowhere is fine but once again internet access for contacting my editor wasn’t always the best…we got there in the end.

Now in pride of place beside me on my desk as I write to you is a copy of my newest book, about to be launched, ‘Come Rain or Shine’. So excited to be allowed out of the office and on the road where I hope to meet lots of readers in the next few weeks.

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Come Rain or Shine
Tricia Stringer

Paula and Dan – beloved characters from A Chance of Stormy Weather – return in an engrossing story of the highs and lows of marriage and life on the land with all the realism, compassion and twists Tricia Stringer is renowned for.

After a rocky start to her first year of marriage and adjusting to life on the farm, Paula has just discovered she’s pregnant and it seems as though she’s finally settled into the blissful country life with Dan she dreamed of.

But there are clouds on the horizon. Dan is increasingly tired and distant. He promised he would always tell her the truth, so why is he being so mysterious about his late father’s will?

His meddling Aunt Rowena is suspiciously interested in the sex and due date of their baby. Paula has had to deal with abrasive Rowena before, but is she taking it too far this time?

As bushfires rage, Paula makes a discovery that shocks her and threatens all she holds dear.

Another warm-hearted, beautifully written rural romance from Tricia Stringer, lauded as the voice of Australian storytelling.



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