2017 Christmas Extravaganza featuring Charmaine Ross



2017 Christmas Extravaganza featuring Charmaine Ross

Where do I get my inspiration?
I’m asked that question a lot, but the answer isn’t that simple. I’m inspired by a number of sources. It could come from the snippet of a news story I overhear on TV, a conversation at a cafe, from watching people in public, reading an article in a magazine, from a situation from my own life. Usually, these little snippets will spark a ‘what if’ question in my mind.

‘What if’ this happened next, or ‘what if’ that person was faced with a dire situation they’d ever encountered before. How would they react, what would they do? I write contemporary as well as paranormal romance so my imagination is really the limit. There’s something about exploring the way two different personalities, with all of their trial and tribulations can fall in love in a real-life, contemporary setting, as well as adding in a little extra spice and wonder in out-of-this-world plotlines. It just depends in my mood and where my inspiration has driven me.

For my story, Another Christmas in New York, I was inspired by a workshop given by Sarah Mayberry in my writers’ group The Melbourne Romance Writers Guild. She read us a passage from a romance she had in her collection for some time and has loved and repeatedly read over the years. The passage she read was quite humorous and stayed with me enough for me to become inspired with a ‘meet cute’ that was a bit rocky.

Because of Sarah reading that passage I thought ‘what if’ a hero met a heroine and mentally listed, quite logically, all the ways he wasn’t attracted to her, to cover the fact that he was, quite illogically, falling in love with her.

I developed my character, David. A very serious, very busy, businessman who has no time for sweet-natured, relaxed chef, Marlowe. She isn’t serious, she smiles too much, she’s messy, far too friendly to everyone and not at all who he should be attracted to. What he doesn’t know, is that the heart isn’t logical.

David is hiding behind his strictly black and white mind, trying to ignore an old hurt that goes back to his childhood. He thinks he’s well past his childhood because, quite logically, he’s shoved it way back inside where it can’t hurt him anymore.

But he hasn’t. Not really. When he meets Marlowe who cooks food that takes him straight back into childhood memories, his first instinct is to run. But he can’t and he has to spend time with the one woman who pokes and prods this old wound until he can’t ignore it anymore.

Only sweet-natured Marlowe can heal him. David must face the fears he’s protected for decades because finding love is the only thing that will enable him to lead a beautiful, fulfilled life. The heart knows what it wants and needs to grow, despite what the mind might think.

I was also inspired to write a Christmas story and how that special time of year can help heal wounded hearts. I do believe that Christmas is a magical time of year where people might feel they can open their hearts to the many possibilities of what they’ve ignored about themselves during the year. It is a time for reflection, for growth, for forgiveness (especially self-forgiveness). Sometimes the spirit of Christmas is the best time of year to heal.

I teamed up with my good friend and fellow author, Joanne Dannon, to write these stories. Our characters are linked throughout all four stories. Joanne’s stories, A Magical Chanukah in New York and Another Magical Chanukah in New York have been warmly praised and well-liked. I know you’ll find them enjoyable too. You can visit Joanne’s web site by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy reading, Another Christmas In New York.



Another Christmas In New York
Charmaine Ross

David has promised himself never to let a woman close. After the sort of childhood he had, he knows nothing about love. A wife would only lead to a life of heartache and disaster. Just like his father. And that attitude has worked just fine for him.

Until he comes face to face with live-wire chef, Marlowe.

Marlowe has a way with food. And a way of burrowing past his defenses and right into his heart. Before he knows it, he’s stopped trying to protect his heart, and has done the worst thing he can think of – started to care.

He wasn’t prepared for that. Nor was he prepared to fall in love. But he’s run out, leaving Marlowe in an embarrassing situation and out of his life. Can he get past his own defenses and tell Marlowe he loves her? 

Can he risk his past to have a future?


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