You’re Invited… to the AusRom Royal Wedding countdown


A Royal Marriage of Convenience
Marion Lennox

Lawyer Nikolai de Montez has just discovered he’s the estranged heir to the throne of Alp de Montez. To rightfully rule, he must marry Rose McCray.

Rose is an ordinary country vet, but her royal bloodline makes her Nik’s bride of choice – and Rose knows it’s her duty to accept.

The wedding ceremony is sumptuous, but when the formalities are over it’s time for the prince and princess of Alp de Montez to get to know one another as man and wife…





The Prince’s Convenient Proposal
Barbara Hannay

To secure his country’s future, reformed playboy Prince Rafael of Montaigne needs a wife. A convenient marriage seems the ideal solution…until his fiancée disappears and Rafe must ask her identical twin sister, Charlie Morisset, to become his stand–in bride–to–be.

Down–to–earth Charlie accepts Rafe’s convenient proposal – in exchange for the funds to save her baby’s sister’s life. Being swept in to a crazy Royal whirlwind seems a small price to pay…until she’s finds herself falling for Rafe. A prince she knows she will have to walk away from…





Crown Prince’s Chosen Bride
Kandy Shepherd

He couldn’t bear to let her go– no matter the consequences.

Chef Gemma Harper is on a dating break, so the last thing she needs is gorgeous stranger Tristan tempting her into a fling…especially when he’s revealed as the crown prince of Montavia.

Gemma knows forever isn’t possible with duty–bound Tristan, but swept off her feet by this charismatic prince, she’s determined to make every moment count. And when Tristan throws out the royal rule book, a happy–ever–after could be within Gemma’s grasp…if only she’s brave enough to say ‘I do.’




Stepping into the Prince’s World
Marion Lennox

Falling for the secret prince

Claire Tremaine accepted the post as sole caretaker of a gorgeous island after a professional betrayal left her life in tatters. All she wants to do is heal in solitude, a peace that is shattered when a sailor is shipwrecked on her shores.

Raoul breaks down Claire’s barriers with his kindness and kisses, but she’s stunned when he’s revealed as Prince of Marétal. She believes they can’t be together…until Raoul whisks Claire away to his palace. She’s stepped into the prince’s world–but can Claire capture this prince’s heart?




The Queen (The Young Royals series)
S.A Gordon

There’s an empty seat beside her throne …

Queen Alexandra Elizabeth Diana is newly crowned and newly single. But, contrary to popular belief, being a monarch doesn’t make the dating game any easier. While foreign royals and millionaires may be of a similar social standing, they are woefully inadequate when it comes to winning her heart. Alix needs someone who understands her world and who also sees that behind the crown is a young woman who just wants to fall in love.

But the situation may not be as hopeless as it seems. Someone Alix has known her whole life is secretly in love with her. And, while he may not have the breeding or bank balance expected of the Queen’s consort, nothing will stop him from trying to win Alix’s heart …



The Prince (The Young Royals series)
S.A Gordon

Caitlin is an ordinary American girl, living a life she hopes will one day be extraordinary. Little does she know that she’s about to meet the most extraordinary person of all …

Prince David is enjoying his years of freedom while his father, King James, reigns and his older sister, Alexandra, performs her duties as heir to the throne. Temporarily relocated to Manhattan, David spends his time dating a succession of attractive young women, none of whom are suitable to be his wife.

But soon the day will come when the Prince has to settle on a purpose, and find a woman who can help him fulfil it. David has no idea where he’ll find her—he only knows that he must.

When Caitlin and David meet by chance, their attraction to each other is obvious. But royal life is not as glamorous as it seems, and Caitlin will have to decide what she values more: her love or control over her own destiny.

The Prince may lose his princess before he even knows he has her …


The Princess (The Young Royals series)
S.A Gordon

Princess Margaret has to give up her glamorous life of leisure – but in return she may just find true love.

Princess Margaret, younger sister to Queen Alexandra and Prince David, has managed to evade responsibility most of her adult life. Content to let her brother and sister be popular, hard-working royals, she and her longtime boyfriend Hal spend most of their time on holiday. But when the Queen needs Margaret to grow up and be a proper princess, Margaret’s initial reluctance gives way to a sense of duty. Her old life no longer fits her – nor does her old boyfriend.

Newly single, and loaded up with work, Margaret makes the most of being stuck in the United Kingdom. She is determined to succeed in her role – to support her sister, in particular – and she’s not looking to replace Hal. Then she meets John Bartholomew, a famous actor – older by several years, mature and established. John is as taken with her as she is with him, and they seem set to become the world’s most glamorous couple, until John’s past throws a potentially ruinous obstacle in their way.

Margaret’s new maturity is put to the test when she discovers that love comes with sacrifices – and she may not be prepared to make them.



Future King’s Love-Child
Melanie Milburne

Cassie Kyriakis was wrongly jailed for her father’s murder, leaving her wild-child roots and Seb, her one true love, behind her…

Now, the throne awaits Prince Sebastian Karedes! Yet when he discovers that Cassie may be innocent of her crime – and she gave birth to his baby in her cell – Sebastian must choose between his honour and his duty to his kingdom. He will claim his love-child – but what about his bride?





Shock Heir for the Crown Prince (Claimed by a King series)
Kelly Hunter

She kept his royal heir a secret…now he’ll make her his reluctant queen!

Prince Casimir of Byzenmaach can’t shake the memory of Anastasia Douglas. With her, he forgot his royal duties in a moment of wild abandon. Seven years later he must wed – but in seeking out the unforgettable Anastasia he discovers a secret: she had his daughter! And he’ll stop at nothing to claim them both…





Convenient Bride for the King (Claimed by a King series)
Kelly Hunter

She refused his royal proposal…but will she let him unlock the passion within?

King Theodosius must find a queen in order to keep his throne, but his less than romantic proposal letter leaves sheltered Princess Moriana cold. So Theo decides to make Moriana an offer she can’t refuse. If she’ll consider becoming his bride he’ll heat things up by initiating his innocent queen into the pleasures of the marriage bed…





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