Secret Confessions: Rhian Cahill



Secret Confessions with Rhian Cahill

Tell us a little more about your housewife, Virginia:
She has everything under control. She’s a successful businesswoman from a well-to-do family and from the outside she appears to have the perfect life. But we all know looks can be deceiving and no one ever really knows what goes on behind closed doors. 🙂

What inspired Virginia’s story:
The vacuum. 🙂 I was give a very little when asked to write the first episode of Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives and honestly I had nothing. Frustrated I decided to clean the house and from that came Virginia and Carter.

What was your biggest challenge in writing Virginia’s story?
After that first few days of no idea what to write there was no challenge. Once I sat down the whole story was written in two days.

Why will we love Virginia?
Because she’s not afraid to have hard, hot sex against a wall!

The Housewives of Sydney series promises that we’ll “find out what goes on behind the doors of the most exclusive addresses in the country”. What was the appeal of joining this series? Similarly, what has been the biggest challenge?
I loved the idea although I’ll confess to never having watch the Housewives series (any of them) but when Kate told me what she was thinking I was intrigued and didn’t hesitate to put my hand up. The challenge for me was going first because that meant I was the one setting the base and leading the way which was a little nerve-wracking but in the end it was a thrill and a privilege to be part of this series.



Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Virginia
Rhian Cahill

Cool, collected, confident – those who know Virginia in her personal and professional life would never expect to find her in Boyd’s, a bar across town from her circle of friends and socialite world.

But Boyd’s offers her something she can’t get among her rarefied acquaintances: sex. Rough, hard, mind-blowing, anonymous sex.

In her casual clothes, she’s no one important. Incognito, unnoticed by everyone except one: the bartender who knows her drink order – and would like to know a whole lot more.

Escape Publishing



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AusRomToday’s review of Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Virginia:
Well, it wouldn’t be a Rhian Cahill story without a *lot* of steamy, down and dirty, smoking hot sex and what can I say… Cahill delivers again (and again!) in this first installment of Escape Publishing’s Secret Housewives continuity. As expected, Cahill delivers a well-developed story with strong characterisation that compliments the novella-length perfectly. Looking forward to the next installment!




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