Justine Lewis

Tell Us Your Backstory with Justine Lewis

July 10, 2018 // 0 Comments

  Tell Us Your Backstory with Justine Lewis Painting the Princess is a sequel, that’s really a prequel, to my first book, The Secret Prince. Both are stand-alone books. I didn’t plan on writing a series, or even linked books, but as I was editing The Secret Prince I decided I wanted to [...]

LUST-HAVE LIST: Challenging the Romance Genre p3

September 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

  Ainslie Paton Hyper-real romance featuring the most unlikely of couples is the calling card of Ainslie Paton. In a twist on the virgin trope, Damaged Goods features a hero who can’t get it up and a heroine who has never gotten it on. Now I bet you’re interested… so try some [...]

LUST-HAVE LIST: Challenging the Romance Genre p2

September 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

  Tess Woods What can we say about Tess Woods…? Well for starters, she’s the ultimate rule-breaker not least of all with her debut novel, Love at First Flight, tackling the almost unspoken taboo of romance: infidelity. Love at First Flight Tess Woods Mel is living the dream. [...]


March 24, 2016 // 1 Comment

  Build Us Your Story with Justine Lewis I’m always up for a challenge, though staying within budget was very difficult (and sadly I have expensive tastes). Sigh Worthy Male lead I’d spend $5 on a sigh worth male lead (shhhh – don’t tell J’aimee, but I’d probably would have paid [...]

AUSSIE MONTH with Justine Lewis

January 12, 2016 // 0 Comments

  AUSSIE MONTH with Justine Lewis Describe yourself in one word: My husband would say stubborn but I would say determined. Tell us about Acting The Part: My latest release, Acting The Part, is a romance between a cynical gofer and a film director and takes place on movie sets in France and Los [...]

MEET MY MUSE: Justine Lewis

April 13, 2015 // 1 Comment

  Meet my Muse with Justine Lewis My muse is curious. In the inquisitive sense. She’s curious in the strange and unusual sense too, but that’s a whole other story. She is enquiring. She is nosey. She likes to ask ‘What would happen if…?’, ‘How would it feel to…?’ and ‘What [...]