SPOTLIGHT ON… Bella Andre, part 2


‘It’s about knowing your priorities. Great things are distracting. You want to call your friends, celebrate. But it’s all about the books.’- Bella Andre on writing.

“My career began to take off once I was able to take charge of my own destiny and reach readers directly. I love having an idea about a cover or book description or marketing my ebooks and being able to execute it quickly. “

“I love waking up each day knowing it will be full of incredible new opportunities all over the world.”

“I had 2 original self-published books out in December 2010 that was when I had my first 5 figure month. By November 2011 I had my first six-figure month. In October 2012 I signed my first seven figure print-only deal. My sales have continued to grow from month to month and new book to new book since 2010.”

“When I released my first original self-published story (LOVE ME) in July 2010 I took a week and wrote a personal email to everyone who had ever written to me in the previous five years. Almost every one of them wrote back to say, “Wow, I can’t believe you still had my email!” LOVE ME was a sequel to a book that Pocket had put out in 2005 (TAKE ME). For five years readers sent me email asking for the sequel. It was thrill to finally be able to give it to them.”

“Don’t forget that the book is the #1 most important thing. It’s what your readers want from you. Sure, they love hanging with you on twitter and facebook, but what they really want is to read your next book and they want it to be awesome.”

“There’s a fine line between songwriting and novel writing – it’s all storytelling, and I’ve always had a love story inside me”

“As a voracious book-a-day reader, I know my favorite thing is finding a new author and devouring everything they’ve ever written”

“The characters always end up dictating the feel of a story.  I honestly try not to analyse it too much and just go with the magic. I’m a big believer in following emotion”

“I think it’s important for people who are thinking about self-publishing to know just how much work it is. Every single person I know who is self-publishing works around the clock”


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