FRIEND OF THE BLOG NEWS: Sami Lee & Mari Carr go PINK!

Mari Carr and Sami Lee's Go Pink Tour

Mari Carr and Sami Lee’s Go Pink Tour


As part of my day job (working in radio), I’ve spent this October the same way as I have the last two: raising money and awareness for breast cancer.

In the radio world, this means outside broadcasts, promotions and attending various events and functions. And talking. Lots of talking but most importantly LOTS of listening. This month I’ve heard some distressing, sad, uplifting and positive stories of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and relapses. I’ve spoken with patients (in treatment & in remission), their spouses, their children, doctors, support workers and what I’ve seen that has touched me so deeply is how the fighting spirit kicks in and yet again how amazing Aussies are at supporting one another in times of need. It is touching, perhaps because many people who are dealing with this health crisis are so happy to share their story in the hope it may prompt someone else to get a check-up or seek support. Perhaps because as women we live with the fear of the dreaded ‘C’ word.

This week, a friend’s mother lost her battle with cancer, a battle that had consumed and eroded the finest years of her life until her body finally gave in. My initial reaction was one of grief—that she’d been through so much, that her final days had been filled with pain, that she was leaving her precious husband, children and grandchildren behind and that they too would miss out on having her in their lives. My friend on the other hand expressed resounding relief. I wasn’t too surprised by this as the battle had been a long and arduous one however it brings me back to the awareness aspect of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

Awareness is so vitally important—risk factors, self-examination, support during diagnosis and treatment, help moving forward into remission. The NBCF are there every single step of the way and offer the most pivotal support to those who are genuinely in need at such an tumultuous time. If you can support them, in any way, please avail yourself to their website.

Another two ladies, are also doing their bit to help with October’s breast cancer awareness campaign: International Heat‘s Mari Carr and Sami Lee have been out and about touring various blogs in an effort to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

Sami’s novel, Erica’s Choice deals with the topic of breast cancer, with the heroine Erica finding out she holds the BCRA1 gene (that has seen family members diagnosed) and taking us on her journey through diagnosis and her subsequent decision-making. It also involves a red-hot romance tryst (don’t all Sami’s books :D!) that will keep you enthralled to the very end. Here’s a snippet for you:


Erica’s Choice
Sami Lee


She turned to see Corey standing in the doorway to her bedroom wearing only his jeans and an expression of deep remorse. “Did we hurt you?”

Erica shook her head. She couldn’t let him think that.

“You’re upset.” He stepped into the room and put his hands on her shoulders. “Why?”

“I…I don’t know.” She offered the lie because she knew she couldn’t spill the entire truth to Corey. He was a nice guy—a wonderful guy. He would probably feel obligated to comfort her if he knew…

Erica crossed her arms over her chest, trying to warm her suddenly chilled fingers. She brushed the spot on the side of her left breast where it was.

The lump.

Erica trembled, horrified anew at the implications of it. The same implications that it had held for Aunt Claire a year ago, for her mother over two decades before that.

Oh God.

“Erica, you’re scaring me.”

Erica had been scared for as long as she could remember.

You can buy Erica’s Choice at Samhain Publishing and during the month of October every sale from the Samhain site will earn a dollar for Pelotonia an Ohio based charity dedicated to curing cancer.


Similarly, Mari’s book, Fix You also deals with the topic of breast cancer. As Mari points out, “this book runs the emotional gamut between scorching-hot passion and the pain and fear associated with cancer. Keep a box of tissues next to your glass of ice water”.

Fix You
Mari Carr

What if love can’t heal all wounds?

After too many years of secretly loving her best friend, Zoey realizes she’s been shortchanging herself. It’s time to take action. This New Year’s Eve heralds the year she’s going to tell Rob the truth. Even if he is on the road, reaching for musical stardom with his band.

Her plan is derailed when she discovers a lump in her breast—and it’s not “nothing to worry about”. How can she ask Rob to take a chance on love when her future is so uncertain?

Rob has spent his entire life chasing his dream, but the moment he hears Zoey’s voice on the phone, he realizes he’s been running the wrong race. Zoey never sounds like she’s been crying. Ever. Without a second thought, he books a flight for home, determined to give her everything she needs. A shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold…and nights of intensely emotional, passionate sex.

His biggest challenge, though, is convincing his best friend that he’s in it for the long haul. Because he finally knows what he wants, and it’s not fame and fortune. It’s her—and her love.

Buy Fix You at Samhain

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