Australia Day Hop: I won the lotto!


We hear quite often how lucky we are to be born in Australia, ‘The Lucky Country’, and with great privileges like an equitable public healthcare system, high life expectancy rates, and the opportunity to purchase a home (and with it the great Australian Dream) we certainly are lucky.

In fact, a 2013 study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) who created the ‘2013 where-to-be-born index’ rated those born in Australia as the 2nd luckiest in the world (taking into account 11 different statistical factors including national crime rates, trust in public institutions, geography, policies, and national economy to name a few). We came second to Switzerland and even then, only margainly behind them. For an easy to interpret article on this topic, click here.

Arguably, all Australians are winners in one of life’s most important lotteries (of course not all feel that way), however I do.

Looking a little further afield then the statistical factors taken into account in the EIU study, there have been occasions and times where the pull of being Australian has been more significant in my life.

Where the need to be on Australian soil has been more pronounced after an accident in NZ left me in a wheelchair with 2 broken legs, pregnant and desperately missing home.
Times when I’ve been heartwarmingly proud to be an Aussie our way of banding together and helping each other in times of need – there are too many examples to list here – but think bushfires, rebuilding after floods, cyclones etc, going to the aid during international crisis and natural disasters.
Times when I’ve been disappointed in the direction of the Australian way the recent shirking of responsibilities to genuine asylum seekers has been a low point for me.

Other highlights have been:
* My husband becoming an Australian citizen and seeing his pride in (officially) becoming an Aussie (he’s always been an Aussie at heart)!
* My three kids getting their Australian passports and their pride and excitement in owning one
* Seeing Australian soil (albeit tarmac) after three weeks of backpacking through Europe with the kids
* Arriving at the airport and knowing that we were home! That there’d be no police patroling the airport with machine guns (not a open-arm welcome France!), and that saying ‘G’day’ wouldn’t be out of place!
* Applying for my Italian passport has really reiterated to me how incredibly fortunate I am that my ancestors chose to migrate to Australia all those years ago

I wanted to share some of those with you and I’d love it if you felt comfortable to share one with me (in the comments below). I’ll be giving away one Capello Brothers trilogy to a lucky commenter and don’t forget to enter the major draw for $100 Amazon gift card + 26 ebooks (Rafflecopter entry below)!


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10 Comments on Australia Day Hop: I won the lotto!

  1. loved that post Jaimee! Well done.

  2. A timely reminder to be thankful for what we have and sometimes take for granted. Great post, J’aimee.

    Several years ago, I led a school trip to west coast USA. We were stuck in San Francisco (a beautiful city, but storm ravaged at the time) and not sure if we’d be able to fly on to our home stays as few planes were able to leave. As we headed out to the airport, we saw one plane beginning its ascent. A great cheer went up on our bus when we saw the flying kangaroo and the cry of “Aussies will fly!” resounded.

  3. helensibbritt // January 12, 2014 at 4:55 pm // Reply

    What a lovely post and I have to a gree we are the lucky Country I have been on a few cruises and loved them but have not travelled very much at all but I am proud to be an Aussie and am looking forward to celebrating Australia Day with a family BBQ

    Have Fun

  4. Your post rang true with me, Jaimee. And like you, I’m so glad my family migrated here from Europe (the Czech Republic) in the 1950s. Australia is a wonderful country.

  5. Karla Oleinikoff // January 14, 2014 at 9:00 pm // Reply

    Australia is definitely the lucky country, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

  6. Your comment about being stuck in NZ, really struck a cord with me. When the chips are down, you really want to be home…Nice post.

  7. Weirdly all these Australia Day post are bringing a tear to my eyes. Can’t explain it, but I suspect the Australians born here and those who have immigrated to this great nation will know exactly what I a talking about, as they read this.
    I am the kind of person who feels the need to seek out gum tree when I am OS.
    Stopping by from A Cooker and a Looker

  8. Hi,

    I love this and couldn’t agree more – how lucky we are.

    For me it’s the simple things, everyday, that remind me I’m so fortunate to be Australian. Like yesterday, my husband and I went for a walk along a river to a local park, and our five year old daughter and three year old son rode along beside us on their bikes. There was a smile and/or good morning from everyone else we passed along the track. When we got to the park, I played hide-and-seek with the kids, but at the same time there were at least two other dads and one other mum also playing this game with their kids – all of us counting out loud to 10 and finding other people’s children instead of our own in different hidey-holes. It was all laughs and happy chaos.

    The weather was glorious and warm. So later, we stopped at a local general store and the kids took time and delight in selecting their ice cream of choice from the giant tub freezer.

    Nothing significant or dramatic happened. But aren’t we lucky to be able to enjoy these simple pleasures without anything significant happening. We can move about freely and safely, and enjoy our beautiful outdoors and wonderful parks built for all of us to enjoy, free of charge.

    So, as I watched the kids lick drips of ice creams from their hands and faces and down their arms (what a sticky mess!), I was reminded – how lucky we are.

  9. Hi J’aimee,
    Thanks so much. This is a lovely bonus as I was just happy to read your blog and contribute my own thoughts about Australia Day. I couldn’t work out how to contact you privately? My email address is
    Thanks again,
    P.S. Is your name french? Parlez-vous français?

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