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I found my writing voice early on through poetry. It wasn’t until some ten years later that I would write my first novel. It would be a further 16 years until I self-published that first novel. I tried the traditional approach of sending my unsolicited manuscript to every publisher I could find with knock back after knock back. It became pretty dis-heartening to get rejected after each submission but I truly believed in what I had written so kept persisting. This time gave me a chance to keep improving my novel which I’m now grateful for.  It’s amazing how time makes you see things in a different light.  What had seemed like my best writing at the time, some months or even years later appeared to be very amateurish.

With the change in the publishing world and the creation of e-books and e-publishing it gave myself and other authors a chance to put our work out there to see what sort of feedback we would get.

I was actually very amazed to find that people loved my writing. It gave me encouragement to keep pursuing this dream of mine and so began the journey that I am now on.

I have never had a mentor and haven’t really done any formal study to become a writer but I am an avid reader so I think this helps. One day I had an idea for a book and just started writing. Back then it was either pen and paper or word processor.

I remember I drove over an hour to buy a second-hand word processor that I used to type up my first book. I still actually have it today but can’t use it as they don’t make the ribbon for it any more.

With my writing I’ve never really taken into consideration what genre my book will be. If I have a story in my head to tell, I just write what comes to me. I think if you try and write to a specific genre you will have great difficulty. You need to write from the heart and then worry about what type of genre it will fit into, later.

My advice to other writers is to never give up. Write because you love to no matter what anyone else says. Put your work out there and see what other’s think. Put your work away for a month, get it out and read it in a fresh light. More often than not there will be plenty of changes to make before it goes out onto the literary stage for all to see.

My recent series Instinctual 1 and 2 has been picked up by Limitless Publishing which I’m so grateful for.  It can be found on Amazon, B&N, ITunes and Kobo. Book 1 is currently FREE on Amazon!!



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Instinctual – Book 1
Amanda Mackey

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?

How much do you trust your gut instincts?

Kate Fitzpatrick’s intuitive gift warns her that her ex-lover Jake Alexander has arrived in her idyllic hometown of Vernazza, Italy, but she tries to shrug it off as being overworked and tired.

When Jake appears in front of her in a lonely, dark alley looking sexier than ever, Kate’s worst fears are confirmed.

She fights the magnetic pull between them, feeling guilty that her new boyfriend is out of town on business.

But after a serious fall that leaves Kate between life and death, she soon discovers that Jake’s arrival, and their intense connection, may be the only thing that can save her…

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3 Comments on FINDING MY VOICE: Amanda Mackey

  1. It’s good to read how someone else has travelled the same writing journey to find that their experience was similar to your own. It gives one a sense of companionship in the knowledge that, as writers, we all face the same challenges, hurdles, and eventual successes. The hard work does pay off in the end… at least one does tend to think so.

    I, for one, salute you Amanda and wish you well in all your writing endeavours.

    Best Wishes


  2. Wonderful post Amanda and lovely to find out a little bit more about you.

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